Don’t be bestie politics as a joke in South

Don’t be "bestie politics" as a joke. The Korean commentator Deng Yuwen   South Korea exposed the "bestie intervention" event seems to grow bigger trend. At present, the protagonist of the event Cui Shunshi been arrested South Korean prosecutors, the matter of South Korean President Park Geun hye’s political career will have much impact, will force the resignation, to see the situation, but it is undoubtedly the biggest scandal occurred with the Pu Jinhui presidency, with a lot of damage to its image. Some people will be the event as a Korean joke, showing a gloating mood. However, this is not to look at the matter, at least three issues worthy of our consideration: as a kind of culture in East Asia, democratic supervision and political cronies correcting mechanism, and the influence on the peninsula, including Chinese on thad problem can promote such as. First say the first aspect. The leaders of his cronies and factions, or to close consultation on some things, it is normal, this problem is that the consultation must avoid to a social and political cronies dry impression. Of course, the degree here is difficult to grasp, and sometimes even if there is no violation of the law, it will make people have this impression. Therefore, the leaders themselves are very important. That park Geun hye, Cui Shunshi neither public nor relevant state, including the foreign experience, but she has long been to the park "consultation" such problems, some of which are state secrets, and the "bestie" to modify the president notes, it can not let people suspect Cui Shunshi in government intervention. Coupled with the media of the subsequent exposure of Cui Shunshi’s father "cult" status and the special relationship between him and Pu Jinhui, people will undoubtedly further tend to think that either incompetent or park behind the deeper transactions, such as corruption etc.. In fact, the problem of political cronies in the West are, whether democratic and non democratic system. U.S. presidential election Hilary appeared "mail" event, but also bad in the hands of his assistant. But obviously, in East Asia, this problem is more prominent, by political cronies into political cronies. There are many examples of this, including South korea. Park Geun hye previous presidents have caused great trouble, even Roh Moo-hyun was impeached, the reason behind is a family intervention by President and government to seek profits. The "bestie intervention" in the history of South Korea, is not the most serious scandal. So, for one reason, I am afraid that the East Asian politics is more of a Confucian emphasis. There are China traditional political family intervention, family factors in the top leaders of the decision, do not cut the effective system. Even in the Democratic Republic of Korea, in daily communication, the influence of Confucianism is still great. Therefore, in the national policy to take care of the interests of the family, and even to some extent, let the relatives do politics, not surprising. However, a difference between the democratic and non democratic system, is that once the intervention or family intervention cronies, can quickly start monitoring and error correction mechanism, especially for the relatively mature democracies, even more so. South Korea’s "bestie intervention" event was organized by Cui Shunshi’s daughter pull. When the "two rich generation" and domineering image have neither learning nor skill are exposed, sensitive media;相关的主题文章: