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Dongyu Zhou talk about love love to kill bestie: put his temper as "peace" — entertainment channel — original title: first put his temper as "she" in everyone’s heart, have their own youth, and the youth, all about love. Every 80 after the heart, there is a Anne baby. In September 14th, by Peter Chan, producer Xu Yuezhen, directed by Derek Tsang, Dongyu Zhou, Ma Sichun, Li Chengbin starred in the movie "in July and she" will be screened in the country. "In July and she" adapted from Anne’s novel of the same name baby, this is baby Anne’s fame, she is also the first landing the big screen works. About "peace" (Dongyu Zhou, left) and "July" (Ma Sichun ornaments) two 13 year old married bestie girl’s friendship and love is the test of time and growth story. As producer Peter Chan said: "everyone can find their own" in July and still "in this movie." The day before, the actress Dongyu Zhou accepted the interview. Her interview process is happy, because Dongyu Zhou is like us every day we giggle friend, a little girl full of sunshine and laughter. Through the "girl" image of the morning news: how do you interpret this role alone? Zhou: actually, I don’t know what interpretation, just when I first saw the script, I decided to play alone, I do not know why, probably is intuition. I told the director, I have to act alone, the director said "you can do it" — they started to have some concerns. Because we feel that my previous works, my expression before it, and I give you is the representation of a lady, I am very clever, very pure. However, I would like to challenge this role (peace). I think I like quiet, for the middle school and began to work since then, his temper more like quiet, because of self-reliance, can not always rely on home. Morning news: so you read novels? Zhou: No. A long time ago, I heard of Anne baby, I think the name of the baby Anne sweet. I think she is a marginalized people under the pen of Anne baby, not everyone’s attention, not the parents love her home, then divorced, the mother is the only love of her own, she pays little attention to. When she was a child, her childhood was a little darker than the grey. I think the impact on people’s childhood is the most deep, so for the rest, some of her some of her rebellious and unruly, one hand is to arouse attention, partly because some of her childhood left a shadow. And Ma Sichun love to kill the morning news: the film is said that the growth of the two girls — bestie bestie, do you have? Zhou: I hadn’t had bestie. Since middle school, even with the girls, until now, to make friends is not much, most of the boys, I think this is another bestie interpretation. Morning news: so what about Ma Sichun? Zhou: at the beginning, I think she is a lady, the toilet must be accompanied by a very nice woman that image, the mind is also very delicate. Later I found that she was actually very man, with her, I have a sense of security. The two of us just complement each other相关的主题文章: