Do not fear the impact of Samsung Q3 recall Note7 battalion profit will grow 5.5%

Don’t fear Note7 Samsung Q3 camp recall affects profit rose 5.5%   Phoenix Technology News Beijing on October 7th news, according to foreign media reports, Samsung is in response to the Galaxy Note7 smartphone global recall problem on the occasion, the company said today that the third quarter operating profit is expected to achieve a slight increase year on year. Samsung said in a regulatory document on Friday, as of the third quarter of September 30th, the company’s operating profit is expected to be about $7 trillion and 800 billion won (about $7 billion), an increase of 5.5%. But Samsung’s third quarter sales are expected to fall to about $49 trillion won, down by 5.2%. Analysts said that although the third quarter results by the Galaxy Note recall dragged down, but Samsung is likely to find comfort in the strong performance of the semiconductor and display panel sector. Samsung today released the third quarter preliminary guidance results, did not disclose the extent of the impact of the recall of its impact on the performance, but also did not disclose the profits of various departments. Samsung’s third quarter earnings will be released later this month. Samsung in August 19th released a new large screen flagship intelligent machine Galaxy Note7. The initial sales of the new phone is hot, but consumers report the problem of overheating the battery quickly let it cool down. In some cases, the battery will cause Galaxy Note7 fire. Samsung announced on September 2nd in the global recall of 2 million 500 thousand Galaxy Note 7, but the recall process because of the error message transmission and confusion of consumers slow progress. Samsung said last week that more than 60% of all mobile phones in the United States and South Korea have been recalled. Although the issue of mobile phone recall took the market attention, but Samsung DRAM memory chips, the next generation of 3-D NAND flash memory chip and OLED panel has been outstanding performance. "It is hard to ignore the recall costs, but Samsung’s performance in the semiconductor and display panel market is stable," said Li Chengyu, an analyst at IBK Seung (IBK Securities) in Seoul. (compile Xiao rain)  相关的主题文章: