DK gives you the science picture books hitherto unknown – Sohu maternal shock-pork face

DK gives you the picture science shock – Sohu maternal hitherto unknown open for more than 1 meters long page, half page hidden in mind, full frame picture of the scene to bring open gifts like surprises. DK children travel through time and space, a total of 8, to bring you unprecedented science shock! Why does the story of the Titanic never sink a huge luxury cruise ship buried in the bottom of the sea? Details of the rich section of the map to take you to visit the luxury, mysterious titanic. Large hand-painted panorama for you to accurately recreate the most tragic scene of the ship sank, opened the fateful night the truth. In April 14, 1912, the world’s largest and most luxurious ocean liner — the Titanic was heading for New York, this is its first voyage. You must be no stranger to it, this is Jack and Ruth on the so-called unsinkable ship. Passengers are immersed in a fantastic journey, no one thought of waiting for them in front of the iceberg and disaster. What is the Titanic? What happened to that terrible night? Why is this ship lifeboat only rescued 13 passengers? Follow the 6 main characters in the book, learn from the construction of boarding the Titanic, passengers to hit an iceberg, the ship sank the full story. 02 the story of a farm from a medieval farmhouse to a modern farm has changed over the course of more than 1200 years in a European farm, witnessing the changes of a farm from the Middle Ages to the present. Seamless half page paper brings the fun of turning over to read. You can’t know what’s going on in the farm from the human harvest and harvest in ninth Century to the mechanized production in twenty-first Century. The farmer how to repair farm cottage; four respectively to complete what kind of farm work; how to celebrate the harvest season in the farm; what’s new on the market. Get to know the people on the farm, walk into their lives, and witness the changes to the ranch. 03 travel story a panoramic scroll, a general history of the world, this is what you are going to have to travel! Travel through time and space from the beginning of a archaeological site in Pompeii, let us together and archaeologists, along the strata to dig down along the back in time, to explore the formation at the foot of stacked hides what secret. We will go through the present era, the Qin Dynasty, the prosperous age of dinosaurs, until the chaos of the universe. During this trip, you will witness the emergence of the Internet, the invention of the electric light, the rise and fall of ancient Egypt, the evolution of apes to humans, the extinction of dinosaurs and the birth of the universe. 04 the story of the castle in the fairy tale of the princess and the prince live happily in the castle, and the real castle is like? A large section of the castle will take you to every corner of the castle, into a world that you can’t imagine. Follow the story of the castle through the middle ages, looking for answers to these questions. From the construction and renovation of the castle, the people’s food, clothing and entertainment, to war preparations, defense, and so on, here you can learn about the castle and the castle.相关的主题文章: