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Diggler disease exposure: hollow cheeks will live over diggler lost diggler disease as diggler sickly exposure confidence said: will live over the Hongkong media reported diggler suffering from colorectal cancer on 6 hospitalized surgical treatment, daughter Xie Jinjing to accompany the whole hospital waiting, and at the end of the operation in the face book Po snapshots the day before, Xie Jinjing attended the town Board issued 7 Anniversary Gala Show palace, the scene also broadcast diggler beds greetings from the film, the film diggler storm thin hollow cheeks, haggard, sickly first exposure. Last year the next house served as chairman of the town board hair, diggler colorectal cancer surgery is not original to chemotherapy, after in the town house dedicated to Luo Fu made a thousand years after the dream, that is romance, decided to accept the operation, he said: "Luo house chitose since I come to the hospital, must be saved. To help me to introduce you, I will give him all my life, all my blessings, happy for me, give me confidence." Route 6 days operation, recording film is 5, the film is playing 11 party, he said: "I know is very busy, but I can not attend, never mind, I am confident that I will come back to life!" And there after the pilgrimage, such as their own after discharge, welcome to pilgrimage. Zhu Geliang day before the risk of colon cancer surgery, postoperative recovery status is good, it is understood that at present, Zhu Geliang has been transferred to a general ward, 11, also began to eat rice, can walk slowly out of bed, the spirit is still in good condition, but after major surgery, need to rest more, so the voice sounds more tired. As for the Shenzhen friend Huang Yixiong died, brokers said pig know very sad, but not to the hall to see the condolences, the recovery of the body.相关的主题文章: