Days turn cool but people warm rooftop to create a warm journey – Travel Channel

The cooler days are warm heart   the roof to create a "warm" Tour – Travel Channel 593 million domestic tourists reception amount, an increase of 12.8%; 482 billion 200 million yuan total tourism revenue, an increase of 14.4%; 108 million people of the national railway passenger volume, an increase of 9.3%…… These data from the National Tourism Administration Data Center (China Tourism Research Institute) comprehensive data show that China’s thriving eleven Golden Week travel market. Growth of data to prove the corresponding regional tourism resources, related industries, public services, institutional mechanisms, such as a series of improvements and upgrading. It is reported that the eleven year period of Golden Week tourism departments at all levels to increase efforts to build global tourism, actively increase the supply of all types of tourism products, such as ecological tourism, rural tourism, red tourism and full flowering. Among them, Zhejiang province Tiantai County received favorable comments from visitors to the start of the eleven "global tourism and national tourism volunteer service". I learned that the Taizhou Municipal People’s Congress deputy director of Tiantai county Party Secretary Li Zhijian, Tiantai County Deputy Secretary of the county Yang Shengjie, Tiantai County standing committee, the Tourism Commission Director Yu Changjie County four team leaders to participate in all the tourist volunteer service ranks. They came to the visitor center, as a tourist volunteer waiter, tourists and friends, help the Tiantai industrial integration, Tiantai global tourism marketing. Tiantai Mountain has "Buddha Zong Dao source, landscape God" reputation as a "global tourism national service" rooftop tourism volunteer activities launch ceremony "please take care, I am a volunteer today." I saw the volunteers wearing yellow vest, wearing a red tour of Li Zhijian in the Tiantai Mountain tourist service center to introduce such tourists to come to Tiantai Mountain. Tiantai county Party Secretary Li Zhijian recommended to the tour group Tiantai more fun attractions, "Hello, I would like to ask where the roof of the attractions more fun?" "How can I get to Shilianghe scenic area?"…… In the face of tourists consulting, "Li" patiently introduced basic roof situation, natural scenery, ethnic culture, cultural history and rural tourism to tourists. To explain the process of "Li" is not ready for text data, unscripted explanation, weiweidaolai. It is understood that this is the first time to get the Zhejiang Provincial Tourism Bureau certified tour guide card to carry out tourism volunteer service Li Zhijian. In addition, just get a tour card near Tiantai county magistrate Yang Shengjie came to Hainan and Taiwan area became a volunteer tour guide. I saw Yang Shengjie Xiongpei tour card, handheld tour guide flag, with small waist literarily talented speakers, especially explain contagious. Tiantai county magistrate Yang Shengjie led the tourists to enjoy the beauty of Paradise Valley and Yang Shengjie not only explain the health knowledge for tourists, but also specifically to promote authentic drugs, tourists Tiantai Dendrobium, Tiantai Wuyao etc.. Li Tang, as the head of a trade association, said that in the future to treat Tiantai Mountain as one of the destinations, and some of the meeting will be recommended to the rooftop. It is reported that during the national day, Tiantai County, the county has four sets of team leaders into the scenic area to carry out tour guides, consulting and other services. Cadres, the community has also been involved in voluntary service to provide vehicles for tourists相关的主题文章: