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Customer Service There is both a science and an art to outstanding customer service, and maintaining both is vital. You need loyal customers to build any type of business, and they are there on your list. You just need to work with them a little and give them what they want. The Science Customer service includes a few simple practices that are a necessity, and need to be practiced at all times. These simple rules are a given, and can be applied to any business. Customer Service Tip # 1: Respond Quickly to Your Customers. It is critical to respond as fast as you can to your customers emails. They count on you to get back to them in a timely fashion, and are grateful when you do. If you do not currently know the answer to a customers question, the best thing you can do is let them know that you are working on it and will get back to them in a timely fashion. It lets them know that their emails are not left hanging, and that they, as customers, are important to you. Customer Service Tip # 2: Be Accessible. One of the biggest problems with customer service is not giving your customers a way to get in contact very easily. Contact information should be included with every email you send, and displayed clearly on your site. You should also let them know that you will respond to their emails as fast as you can. Customer Service Tip # 3: Answer the Questions. This is a basic that needs to be kept in mind with every email or support ticket. It can sometimes be easier to hedge around a question and avoid a direct answer, but most people will recognize it for what it really is, an avoidance, and will write you back to pin you down to an answer anyway. In the meantime, they will have lost some trust in you, and when you do finally answer their question satisfactorily, they may not believe what you are telling them. People still appreciate an honest approach, and anything else is second best. Write back with an honest reply. Even if you end up losing a sale, odds are you will end up by keeping a customer. The Art Quite often you will receive emails or support tickets from customers that are very upset. The first and foremost thing on your agenda is to calm down an enraged customer. You cannot have a sane conversation with someone that is angry. In many cases the customer will calm down by just receiving a reply. They want to know that there is someone at the other end that is willing to work with them and help them through the problem. The absolute worst thing you can possibly do is tell them to calm down, or react to their anger with more of your own. You are servicing the customer, and need to get them to the point of rationality before carrying on. Here is a case scenario of how to handle a customer’s problems. Customer email: " I bought your software and the button doesn’t work. I didn’t pay $50 for a product that doesn’t work! I want my money back – I am so frustrated! Support email: Hi (insert name), Thank you for contacting us. I totally understand your frustration, it can be irritating when things like this happen. If you can just let me know which button you are having a problem with, I will be glad to work you through this problem as fast as possible. I will watch for your email and give it priority. Best regards, (insert name). Nine times out of ten, or even more than that, the customer will reply with an email that is gracious and respectful, and many times even apologetic for their outburst. Now you can work with them and help them sort out their problem. The issue of a refund will have long since disappeared. Treat your customers with the same respect you deserve and you will find that most of these clients are real people who are very nice and want to work with you towards a solution to the problem in a pleasant manner. Give them some attention, show them that you are there for them, and they will remain loyal customers for a long time. Of course, you will have a few nasty emails that remain so even after respectful correspondence has been attempted. In these cases, you may just want to tell these customers, in a respectful way, to get a refund and take them off your mailing list. You really don’t need to keep this kind of person on as a customer. They will only end up eating away at your time and resources in the end. Let them go and put your attention on the ones that are really looking for your help and guidance, and you will build up a super-power list that will sustain itself and grow for many years. Hope these customer service tips put you on the fast track to business success. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: