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Counterfeit POS machine to steal bank card information stolen millions of dollars – China POS machine signal is bad, credit card failure." If you have such experience, please go to the bank card password as soon as possible, because your bank card information and passwords may have leaked. Recently, Loudi City Intermediate People’s court sentenced Chen Zhaoxiang, crime of forging financial bills, credit card fraud case, stolen money for millions of dollars. Changsha Yuelu District "forest of flowers" store manager jailed for the. If you encounter fraudulent bank cards in the three consumption, please timely alarm. The court found that Chen Zhaoxiang’s illegal income 2 million 170 thousand yuan, 240 thousand yuan only to pursue the return to the victim. Reporter Guo Chan – A bank card is not from the body is transferred to the bank card to pay 160 thousand, enter the password, the waiter said that the signal is not good, so to change a machine card. In Loudi, a company as vice chairman Fu Qiang did not expect to buy a receipt in a forest of flowers Changsha Yuelu District restaurant, will bring huge losses to themselves. April 8, 2015, pay strong in the bank card did not leave the body, was four times to turn away from $160 thousand, he immediately called the police. Loudi police after an investigation found that this card is four times in two POS Shenzhen on the stolen brush, and POS machine user is specifically restricted to credit card cash earned fees people. Turn 160 thousand yuan went to a called Lu Tao account, but the actual cardholder is not Lu Tao. The police Shuntengmogua, found the card after a day in a Shenzhen bank cash of nearly 50 thousand yuan, was transferred to the account balance, Chen Zhaoxiang card, then the money was removed in a bank Changsha. Police retrieved surveillance, determined the two cash and POS on fraudulent are the same person. Police investigation learned that Shenzhen has never been strong credit card spending, but often travel in Changsha. The suspects just live in a residential area in Changsha. In April 30, 2015, just returned from the field of crime suspects cell arrest, search out hundreds of bank cards and counterfeit credit card in his rented room. Through the trial, the suspect named Chen Zhaoxiang, 35 years old, Guangdong, Shanwei, this is not his first crime, there have been a number of Changsha people’s bank card stolen brush. B two millions of dollars in fraudulent Chen Zhaoxiang truthfully confessed the crime process: because of investment losses, he thought of the stolen credit card to earn money. From the beginning of 2013 October, he joined some of the credit card, POS QQ group, he started to copy bank card online shopping information, and then through their own operations, fake POS machine in the restaurant, store guests pay to steal bank card information to steal bank card information written into the previously prepared blank credit card. According to the investigation, Chen Zhaoxiang has another defendant Zhao Hua (a pseudonym) in the hands of hundreds of thousands of blank credit card online shopping. Zhao Hua is Jiangsu people, because of lack of money, self making bank card, online shopping and laminating machine, printer, strips production tools, after doing a good job in the QQ group to sell. Chen Zhaoxiang used his ID card to do 14 silver.相关的主题文章: