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"Corporate social responsibility" published in blue book 2016, Mengniu Dairy Industry list in October 30, 2016, the blue book of social responsibility social responsibility 100 forum and business China 2016 conference held in Beijing, "corporate social responsibility" officially released 2016 blue book. Mengniu Group ranked first in China’s dairy enterprise social responsibility development index (2016). At the same time, it is also one of the 39 companies in the food industry sample only two of the 5 star enterprises. "Corporate social responsibility" Chinese by the blue book of Social Sciences Institute of industrial economics director Huang Qunhui, deputy researcher of Chinese Academy of Social Development Strategy Research Institute Zhong Hongwu, China Academy of social development strategy research institute researcher Zhang En for expert group. Since 2009, for 8 consecutive years has been released, is currently the most influential research achievements in the field of corporate social responsibility Chinese, paid more attention to and widely recognized by government departments, industry associations, domestic and foreign enterprises, research institutions and news media. The latest release of "corporate social responsibility" 2016 blue book on power, home appliances, real estate, food and other 16 key industries of the CSR development index system, evaluated from the four sector responsibility management, market responsibility, social responsibility, environmental responsibility. Mengniu by virtue of the responsibility strategy and governance, stakeholder participation, responsibility communication, supply chain management, technological innovation, business law, community relations and environmental responsibility and best practices in many areas, unanimously approved the evaluation expert. To Mengniu ranchers university social responsibility project as an example, in three years, Mengniu integrated expert resources at home and abroad, through intensive training, expert on-site guidance, into the pasture pasture technology promotion and financial and other forms of assistance to help enhance the overall operation of the level of pasture. Travel 500 thousand kilometers, free training ranchers over 1800 people, the satellite auditorium coverage of 30 thousand passengers, 348 ranch practical technology innovation project, 2500 technical assistance, helping more than and 200 farms from the herd structure, feeding management latitude more than and 20 upgrade. Research Center of Institute of Social Studie director of enterprise social responsibility Chinese Zhong Hongwu commented: "Mengniu in CSR do indeed have the innovation and advance, such as ranchers university social responsibility project is to play the advantages of Mengniu, realize the maximization of comprehensive value". Chinese Social Work Association corporate citizen committee director general Zhang Shaoping commented: "greatly enhance the Mengniu ranchers university the rancher’s scientific raising consciousness and advanced management methods, this is the best interpretation of Mengniu’s social responsibility and social responsibility in this sense of height, will win the society, ranchers, the respect of consumers and trust." Not only that, Mengniu also based on their own social responsibility management and practice experience, to assist the Chinese dairy industry association to develop China first "dairy enterprises social responsibility guide 2016", clear the core content of dairy enterprises to fulfill their social responsibility, to provide a reference and guidance to improve the ability of sustainable development for the dairy industry. The forum by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Corporate Social Responsibility Research Center Director Li Yang, the state council.相关的主题文章: