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Cloning of LOL   play spirit; storm hero mode — game released all original title: LOL clone play storm hero in melee mode announced on us for nearly a year of dove’s "storm hero" model came scuffle! The day before the storm "hero" officially announced 10 scuffle mode, the same hero melee (similar to the LOL clone mode), single line more compact map, new kill points play… More crazy… Will meet with us, if you are tired of the standard competitive mode, all believe that will give you different experience, more important is to participate in three games a week you can get a lot of reward! The blizzard did not release all the rules of the game, but has been released from the video we can see what is expected in the week of October 17th, all updates (Global on-line time, different) every Thursday there will be a new play. All contain at least: the unique hero selection mode (the default class hero, slot machine three) in different scuffle, you may only select the predefined hero, or in setting a good list of heroes in selection, or let the system completely randomly selected for you. The new hero selection mode will soon meet with you. The same clone wars Hero: how will the 10 Sergeant hammer war? From the test video, each game player must choose the same role (no grade, appearance, such as hammer strokes directly optional) sergeant, although the character is fragile but thrusters are permanently activated, game player can quickly cut into the battlefield or leave the steal tower, so the core lies in the occupation of tower defense. We wish the brain hole wide open, which is the 10 Battlefield Heroes future will become the most cool stage? 10 Thai Keith open Thor? Or put 10 Nova bomb? In the face of 10 continuous rush, resurrection of tyrants, how will you win Qiangdian? May wish to see. The new arena map: kill the specified number of enemies or small strange victory if already tired of pushing out enemy tower to win the standard mode, then to try it, the punisher arena kill the enemy heroes and the punisher can score, the first team to get 100 points of the team can win! Similar to the pattern of the battlefield of the battle of the WOW to make the battle more exciting, the head is not a good choice yo. Will open the penalty arena, sky arena, and the magic of the three arena. Single factor mutation duel, fighting and reward perhaps some violent elements who want to fight more stimulus, then this is only a map of the line of soldiers, when forced to long lasting war with the enemy, you will take what kind of tactics? All the new coming waiting for you. The other is called "mutation factor" of the game, the official said there will be a lot of strange rules, but is temporarily unable to say, it is to stay in the Blizzcon this year? Ultimately there are rewards, a week by three melee can get 1000 gold coins and picture frame rewards, future or other rewards, please look forward to the official. (commissioning editor: Dong Sirui, Yang Yu Poirot)相关的主题文章: