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Chongqing City Council released air purifier comparison test report – Chongqing channel —             Chongqing in October 10, (Liu?) with improved quality of life, consumer demand for home air quality is more and more high. For the current market a wide variety of air purifiers, consumers how to choose? Today, Chongqing City Consumer Protection Committee issued the report on comparative test of 15 brands of air purifier market is relatively well-known hot, the index is satisfactory in the comparison test.             it is understood that this comparative test samples were purchased from the network, involving: Matsushita, millet, TCL, Changhong, leopard m, Midea, PHILPS, Honeywell, Daikin, SHARP, three, father 3M, Blueair, A.0., Samsung and other 15 Smith a brand of air purifiers, the price from 598 yuan to 4198 yuan. Among them, there are 1000 yuan less than the following: 1000 yuan -3000 yuan has 7 models; more than $3000 has 3.             this test is mainly aimed at safety items and CADR (clean air volume). Air purifier performance is good or bad, mainly by the clean air output ratio (CADR value), clean air output ratio (CADR), the greater the purifier purification efficiency.             comparison test in safety performance, in addition to individual brands the majority of samples are in line with national standards on safety, reflects the importance of the safety of household appliances manufacturers. Only the leopard CMI300A meters have electrical parameters on the product packaging and trademark superscript, but did not express its type specification, does not comply with the provisions of the national standard for signs and instructions; the CADR (clean air) comparison test sample CADR with a nominal value, the effect is very ideal.             City Council to remind: buy regular products according to the demand of reasonable selection of             a view, product identification is complete, whether to have three packs of cards. The identification of the normal product shall be as follows: product name, model, trademark, manufacturer, date of manufacture or lot number, standard number, etc..             two, as far as possible to the credibility of the operators or large shopping malls to buy a regular brand of products, and ask for invoices, so that adults. In case of consumer disputes, please timely complaints.          相关的主题文章: