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Chinese Mall South Africa shooting Chinese live with bursts of safe and unsafe – Beijing, China News Agency, Johannesburg (reporter Song Fangcan) in September 20, September 20th, South Africa Johannesburg a Chinese mall in a shop by the robber armed attack, a woman unfortunately shot. This is also the 3 day of the Chinese mall in the region occurred in the case of the criminals into the shooting of the second. There are Chinese lamented: in the local is not safe to live in the safe! Chinese police cooperation center in South Africa quoted local police sources said, 20 at 2 pm, Johannesburg crown mine a Chinese wholesale mall in a shop by the robber armed attack. The attack was carried out by a man and woman who opened a bag shop with a gun pointed at the owner’s head and shot. Store ideas are not good enough to escape, the bullet grazed his face hit a local female customers in the purchase of goods. The police rushed to the scene and arrested a suspect, another 2 gunmen fled the scene. In September 17th, another Chinese mall in the region also had a shooting incident. The same day at 12 o’clock in the afternoon, a Chinese clothing wholesale shop was armed robbery of the 6 criminals. The robber with ready to flee when alerted the mall security, the two sides had a fierce gunfight, shooting nearly 20 guns, a mall in the storm. The alarm the police arrived, the criminals have been riding a car to escape, the scene riddled with bullets, shells scattered on the ground. Crowne Plaza is located near the center of Johannesburg, is a gathering area of Chinese mall, there are nearly 10 large Chinese mall, where a large number of shops for the Chinese or Indian people rented. Since the second half of this year, the area and the Johannesburg area of overseas Chinese living and working together in Chinatown and part of the high-speed road exit, the traffic lights and more involved Chinese Chinese highway robbery, burglary cases, overseas Chinese are part of personal injury and property damage. In this regard, the Consulate General in Johannesburg Chinese recently issued a notice to remind the majority of overseas Chinese to Caution!, remember that safety is the first element. Notice that the drive should pay attention to whether there are other vehicle tracking and timely help reduce walking in the streets and communities on the road, in the process of doing business to hire professional security personnel to assist the company and carry large amounts of cash, a large number of goods. In the case of robbery, theft, stay calm, everything is the premise to ensure personal safety, avoid confrontation with the robber. (end)相关的主题文章: