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China’s top 500 private enterprises list released: HUAWEI Vanke first National Federation of industry and Commerce issued the "top 2016 Chinese private enterprises" list, HUAWEI to $395 billion 9 million in annual revenue to become the top 500 list of the top tenth. Suning holdings, Shandong Wei bridge to 3502.88 yuan, 333 billion 238 million yuan, won the runner up and second runner up seats. Lenovo, Zhengwei international, Dalian Wanda, China DHC, Hengli Group, Jiangsu Shagang, Vanke, followed by four or ten. Jingdong ranked after Vanke, the United States, Hengda ranked fourteenth, respectively, fifteen. Private enterprises 500 strong total revenue increased steadily, total assets increased significantly. In 2015, private enterprises 500 total operating income reached 16 trillion and 156 billion 857 million yuan, 32 billion 314 million yuan per household, an increase of 10.06%; the total assets of 17 trillion and 300 billion 487 million yuan per household 34 billion 601 million yuan, an increase of 25.16%, of which Dalian Wanda Group to 903 billion 357 million yuan, ranked the top 500 private enterprises in total asset value list. It is important to note that some old problems affect the development of enterprises to a certain extent, there are 333 top 500 enterprises affected by rising labor costs, accounting for 66.6%; 287 companies affected by the tax burden, accounting for 57.4%; 255 enterprises affected by the financing, accounting for 51%. China Business Times: 2016 how to transform the private enterprises to upgrade the survival and development of private enterprises has been the concern of the public, the 500. In the face of internal and external factors of rising labor costs, talent shortage, financing difficulties and challenges, in the past 1 years, Chinese top 500 private enterprises is how to adapt to the new economic norm actively, through which good practices and experiences, seize new opportunities for enterprise development to achieve rapid development? Reporters combed through the past few years released the top 500 private enterprises, in recent years, the top 500 private enterprises in the top 5 industry is still dominated by the manufacturing industry, mainly concentrated in the steel, non-ferrous metals, petrochemical, textile and other high energy consumption and high pollution industry. But it is worth mentioning that, rising labor costs, lack of talents, the burden of heavy taxes, the rising cost of funds, rising raw material prices, financing difficulties, the pressure of energy conservation and emission reduction and other factors, the increase of the top 500 private enterprises in the management of cost, reduce the benefit of enterprise. In addition, the slowdown in the domestic economy, accelerate the upgrading of product technology, industry overcapacity and other external factors also increase the competitive pressures of private enterprises. In this context, the top 500 private enterprises have taken the initiative to accelerate the pace of transformation and upgrading, optimizing the industrial structure, in order to seek new opportunities for enterprise development. In the 2015 Chinese private enterprises in the top 500 research and analysis report, the reporter saw, there are about 72.60% of enterprises to accelerate the pace of transformation and upgrading, and another 16% of the enterprises to start the transformation and upgrading. The most important way to promote the transformation and upgrading of private enterprises is to change the people-oriented, increase the intensity of the introduction of talent, strengthen internal staff training in 500. At the same time, it also takes the optimization of enterprise development strategy, strengthen research and innovation, cultivate enterprise culture and other ways to promote the transformation of enterprises.相关的主题文章: