China Merchants Securities Fund issued last week is still low risk plants war

China Merchants Securities: Fund issued last week is still low risk We want you! The first 2016 China Potter Rockefeller award officially started! Funds, insurance, brokerage and other financial institutions, information management capabilities which is better? Please click [vote], select the strongest institutions in your heart! The fund issued still with low risk – China Merchants Securities zongle Gu Zhengyang last week, the Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 index closed at 3340 points, up 0.4%. Partial stock funds fell, the average open stock fund fell 0.3%, hybrid funds fell by 0.2%, the absolute income fund basically unchanged from the previous week. Passive partial stock funds, index funds rose 0.1%, ETF fund rose by 0.2%. Bond funds fell 0.1% overall, capital preservation fund fell by $0.1%, money market funds get a return of 0.03%. Fund issued on the market is still low risk products, bond funds and flexible configuration funds still occupy a larger proportion of the market. Recently, the Department spokesman said that the organization will first entrust provinces and the Social Security Fund Council signed a contract in the year, while the Social Security Fund Council organized review committee, selected the first batch of pension fund management institutions, officially launched the old-age insurance fund investment operation. In addition, in the aspect of private institutions, private institutions pilot scheme "recently making business forum conference summary" introduced, initially identified in the private market making business organization, personnel management, market sources of funds, stock shares range and acquisition and settlement brokerage division of responsibilities and other aspects of the six different arrangements of further standardize the private market for three new board. October 24th to October 28th, a total of 26 Fund announcement established. Among them, including 13 bond funds, 7 flexible configuration funds, 4 money funds, 1 passive index funds and 1 hybrid funds, raising the total size of 29 billion 610 million copies, raising the average size of 1 billion 140 million copies, with a substantial rise last week. CAITONG capital Xin money market funds raised housekeeper 12 billion 460 million copies last week as ESES crown of. Proceeds from the time point of view, China Shanghai and Shanghai 50AH preferred Index Fund (LOF), Xinhua Feng Lee bond fund, ICBC Credit Suisse modern service industry flexible configuration, Hongta clay Changyi regularly open bond in the division WoXin growth fertile select flexible allocation fund launched, Dongxing quantitative Multi Strategy flexible configuration, Dahua enjoy the benefits net debt and net debt when Bo Yu letter raised time more than 25 days; and information management CAITONG Xin housekeeper money market funds, investment steady regular open and flexible configuration, Rong Sheng Zhao, the Yangtze River Investment pure debt and enjoy the money market fund, ICBC Credit Suisse Hengfeng net debt, Huafu cash proceeds of the money market fund, Xin Yuan Peng Feng Lu, Juli bond bond, pure debt, dry Merchants Merchants Merchants Merchants Xuan pure debt and long Sheng Shengping flexible configuration and industrial 14 days of financial bonds to raise time was no more than 5 days. As of last Friday, the end of the week raised a total of 30 fund. Among them, including 16 bond funds, 6 flexible allocation fund, the stock fund, the 2 mixed theory相关的主题文章: