China is determined to build an advanced aviation engine to create local aviation giant – Sohu Milit-gigolos

China decided to build advanced aero engine to create local aviation giant – Sohu Military Channel Reference News Network reported on August 30th: the foreign media reports, Chinese 28 was established on a state-owned aircraft engine manufacturer, to help achieve the development of the local aviation giant and become a major player in the global aerospace sector ambition. The "Wall Street journal" website reported on August 28th, President Xi Jinping will set up Chinese indicating Aero Engine Group Corporation (China Hangfa) called a "strategic move", it will speed up the realization of independent research and development of aero engine, so as to enhance the national prestige and military force. Xinhua News Agency reported that the new company registered capital of 50 billion yuan, with a staff of 96 thousand people, will focus on the design, manufacture and testing of aircraft engines. The company’s investors include China government and two state-owned enterprises, namely China Aviation Industry Corp (a large group of the field of aerospace and defense) and Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China (the company engaged in aircraft production business). The report said that although the state has invested heavily in capital and has been working for decades, China has not been able to produce an advanced aircraft engine that can rival foreign products. Many Chinese military is using Russian made engine, two domestic aircraft China design relies on western manufacturing engine. Industry analysts said, through the establishment of Chinese Hangfa, Beijing hopes to build a self-sustaining air field, the field will be able to meet the needs of the local commercial and military flight technology. Reported that the China Hangfa will integrate existing aircraft engine business as an entity. In March, three listed companies announced that they would be part of a new company. This is the three companies in the aircraft power Limited by Share Ltd, Sichuan into the aviation Polytron Technologies Inc and China aviation power control Limited by Share Ltd. The move is also in line with Beijing’s efforts to improve the country’s manufacturing sector, which aims to foster high-tech industry leaders in aerospace, robotics, nuclear power and other fields. The history of China’s state-owned airlines dates back to the 50s, when they began to make Soviet designed military and civilian aircraft in the case of moscow. China engineers developed aircraft engine since then, but because of the requirements on the safety and reliability of the civilian areas is higher, they have not mastered the technology manufacturing powerful turbofan engine for the use of commercial aircraft. Although China has designed two kinds of aircraft, but they are dependent on foreign suppliers of engines and other major components. Taiwan’s Business Times reported on August 29th, targeting the core technology of aircraft China Aviation Engine Group 28, the company was founded. It is reported that the mainland has been hoping to create advanced aero engine, is the main type of aviation main operations before the basic are used in foreign military system, new research is to buy or copy foreign engine, for national security, is a very serious problem. The newly established China Aviation Engine Group Corporation is to solve this problem, and further establish the integrity of China’s aviation power development and production.相关的主题文章: