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Chinese coal industry: Coal oversupply situation has not fundamentally changed, " – energy prices rise, business conditions improved, the coal industry to resolve the capacity achieved remarkable results, fully demonstrates the CPC Central Committee and the State Council to correct, all regions and departments have done a lot of very fruitful work, a large number of key coal enterprises play a very good role model." On September 10th, vice president of Chinese Coal Industry Association Jiang Zhimin in the "2016 first China (Zhengzhou) coal methanol international futures forum" of the forum said that the current coal market oversupply situation has not fundamentally changed, the full development of the transformation and upgrading of the task is arduous when the coal industry, the supply side structural reforms must be unremittingly. Jiang Zhimin introduction, coal is the main energy in China, the party and the government has always been highly concerned about the healthy development of coal industry in recent years, the development of coal industry in some new situations and new contradictions, and vigorously promote the coal supply side structural reform, adhere to the law in accordance with regulations to strengthen the safety and quality, environmental protection, energy, technology and industry standards the construction of credit system, strict management of production safety, strictly control the production of super capacity, strict control of illegal construction, increase the elimination of backward production capacity, convenient production, disorderly development momentum to the coal production capacity greatly control. In fact, after entering in September, the domestic coal futures (ZC1701) the highest price more than 530 yuan a ton, the Bohai sea port part of the coal water price has reached 560 yuan (ton price higher than the price of coal linkage that will trigger price increases), and the recent coal spot prices appear "restless" type rise lead to domestic authorities concerned, the NDRC and the Coal Industry Association convened the fast rising strategy of representative coal enterprises discussion with coal, and ultimately determine the 74 advanced production capacity of enterprises exceeded 276 days production limit, 330 days in accordance with the production restrictions to increase production to curb prices rising too fast. "From the industry that the advanced capacity because of the procedures, to achieve the ultimate security that the advanced capacity basically reached a state of full production, the output of the subsequent release is in doubt, even if there is no part of the post production to full load to also need a certain time period, the fastest 1 month, if the early shutdown of the mine restart have at least half a year, so the short-term incremental difficulties." Participants in the coal trade enterprises who told. In the industry view, this year with rising prices, profits began to increase, in addition to the early closure of the mine, the continued production of the mine has been able to achieve profitability, the average profit reached 70 yuan ton. (commissioning editor Du Yanfei and Wang Jing)相关的主题文章: