China city bank deposit 6 high risk regulators to strengthen the risk management requirements-yezimei

Chinese City firm deposits 6 high-risk institutions required by regulators to strengthen risk disposal – Beijing, China News Agency, Nanchang, September 23 (reporter Chen Kangliang) China CBRC vice chairman Cao Yu said at the 2016 annual meeting of 23 city commercial banks, city commercial banks currently have a total of 6 high risk mechanism, there are historical the formation, there is also a new risk. City firm should strengthen the disposal of high-risk institutions. Compared with the 27 in 2011, a significant reduction in the number of high-risk institutions. At present, 6 high risk asset risk, capital strength, corporate governance and internal management is not standardized, coordinated government, shareholders and other parties, a policy line, targeted to take measures to promote the settlement of." Cao Yu said. Cao Yu given prescription includes three aspects: first, Paul, protect the interests of depositors. To increase the liquidity risk monitoring high risk mechanism, actively use the deposit insurance system, adherence to risk the bottom line, to maintain social stability. The two is to "increase", to increase their investment. Focus on the coordination of local governments and major shareholders to solve the problem of capital replenishment, enhance their ability to resist risks. Three is the push to promote the reorganization of disposal. Currently, from the policy side, the city firm is not allowed to cross regional development, but to participate in the elimination of high-risk institutions except. "The rest of the Banking Bureau to use existing policies, to promote local government to emancipate the mind, to increase their investment and the introduction of new strategic investors, through equity cooperation, reduce the financial risks. At the same time, to explore the suitable way of restructuring the local, not for all, but the implementation of local finance, long period of stability." Cao Yu said. City Commercial Bank is an important part of China’s banking system. The past five years, the city has maintained a rapid development trend. From the official data show that as of 6 at the end of 2016, the country’s 133 city commercial banks assets amounted to 25 trillion and 200 billion yuan, compared with five years ago, an increase of nearly 1.9 times the average annual growth rate of nearly 40%; the total assets in commercial banks accounted for 15.4%, compared with five years ago, an increase of 4.6 percentage points, the average annual growth rate of nearly 8.5%. In addition to the high risk of the city outside the city, for most city firms, Cao Yu pointed out that credit risk is the main risk. From the book data, the proportion of non-performing loans is not high, but from the dynamic trend, the quality of the assets of the pressure is considerable. In view of the current credit risk, Cao Yu believes that measures should be taken from two aspects. First, to support a variety of ways to resolve bad. Through the transfer of credit assets, non-performing assets transferred, verification, market debt, debt restructuring and other measures taken to digest the stock, loan restructuring, sign a contract, then recover the loan and other ways to reduce the incremental credit assets transfer platform for bulk transfer of non-performing loans, the use of market means to dispose of bad assets. Two is to speed up the supplementary capital support. As of the end of 2016 6, the average capital adequacy ratio of the city firm was 12.29%, lower than the average level of commercial banks by 0.85 percentage points. Cao Yu pointed out that the capital supplement is an important means to enhance the ability to resist risks, through multiple channels to replenish capital, can enhance the development potential of the city firm, boost)相关的主题文章: