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Children do not pay attention to these problems when children, will regret later! Sohu we often listen to the maternal parents said this sentence: "the child is still small, and now the word inheritance to our children, but when our children grow up slowly, or when you think the child of this age should be what their children do well or not when the parents begin to blame the child which will not do well, or begin to worry and worry! For example, we often many kindergarten or primary school children’s parents see their children do not worry, not gregarious, exchange, do not share, the results can not keep……, not love reading…… etc., but before, we just want to let the children grow up happy and carefree, never no more thought asked the children what, but this problem broke the silence. In fact, similar to the problem that in each of the parents almost have appeared, because we have been "small children" education thought influence that the thought can be said to be ingrained. And we rarely reflect on the emergence of these problems is why? Or rarely think about how to avoid these situations. Here are three things that can help parents understand and solve these problems, and help parents avoid future problems! A child, let the children have a habit, attitude not small children do not need to always think what to teach, to cultivate children’s habits when a small child, let the children know the rules, know what to do and what not to do, it is important for the growth of children, because it is not raised only the child’s habits, in the process of the family showed the same attitude will deeply affect the child’s heart. This is why parents said that he is at home and not specifically to teach children what, but his children are outsiders looking very polite, very let others envy, but some children do not take into account what is always, always not the occasion to do whatever they want, sometimes let outsiders feel disgusted. Because of family education, the attitude of parents to treat the problem will affect the attitude of the child to do things. The formation of this attitude is not a matter of education can make the child out, is formed in little drops of life, don’t forget to "Many drops of water make an ocean.."! Two, do not rely too much on the sensitive period of the child, we often see a number of educational books written on the child to a few years old to the sensitive period! This also led to a lot of parents can develop a habit, we always think that children only to the sensitive period of culture will have effect, as we say, the child "resuscitation" training before this is not necessary. The official explanation is: due to the sensitive period refers to the developmental characteristics of children’s intelligence, at this stage the sense of order, rhythm, walking, observation and other aspects, and have a section on the environment, order, sensory, movement, sensitivity to a series of social norms, and this period is known as the children’s sensitive period. Of course, we can’t ignore the children!相关的主题文章: