Changan Ford drive Mondeo car image grade

Changan Ford drive Mondeo car grade image of Phoenix car – the first test 3 years ago, the Ford brand in the true sense of the "global intermediate car" — the new Mondeo officially launched a new car with a royal car resembles Aston · Martin grille, soon in the domestic car market whipped up a small youth the storm. But with the domestic intermediate car market more and more powerful competitors, as well as the aesthetic fatigue of consumers, the new Mondeo gradually faded aura. Objectively speaking, in the face of competitors to complete the upgrading work impact, want to continue to maintain competitiveness in this market segment, it will also need to change the mondeo. The day before, the 2017 Ford new Mondeo media drive will be officially held in Mount Emei scenic beautiful Sichuan city of Leshan Province, Phoenix car is also the first time in detail on the new car test drive experience. Ushered in the development trend of Chi Chi Qing, Zhaopin, intelligent in the automotive industry, the 2017 Ford new Mondeo can meet the modern consumer demands Car Buying, establish a new benchmark for mid size car market again? Summary: take a look at the current domestic car market consumption patterns, consumers in the purchase of vehicles is not as cheap as the previous car as the dominant. In recent years, the rapid expansion of the market to the compact level, the first to bear the brunt of the outbreak of the SUV market, such as blowout. But with the pursuit of quality has increasingly become another major factor affecting consumer Car Buying after a set of modeling dynamic fashion, spacious and comfortable space, rich configuration intelligent and other advantages of the joint venture brand car has gradually become more and more home users Car Buying preferred. 2017 Ford new Mondeo in the continuation of the iconic Ford family design language at the same time, with the more fashionable appearance, as well as the upgraded interior design and configuration, more noble and humane life vehicles for consumers. And as in the intelligent network era launched models, the new Mondeo through continuous optimization in three aspects, Zhaopin, Zhi Qing Zhi, equipped with more efficient assembly technology and configuration is more abundant, to bring a more comfortable and convenient driving experience for users. From the product perspective, the new Mondeo has gained sales success conditions. Of course, about 2017 new Mondeo now another puzzle has not been solved, is the price. It is reported that the new car will be officially opened on November 18th at the opening of the Guangzhou motor show, what is the price of the new car, Phoenix will also bring a timely broadcast for users, please look forward to!相关的主题文章: