CCTV China is engaged in the number of online fraud industry at least 1 million 600 thousand people punyu

CCTV: China is engaged in the number of Internet fraud industry at least 1 million 600 thousand people now has become an indispensable part of modern life, it can be said that everyone in the network. However, in the online world, but there are a variety of traps: disguised as a free Wi-Fi fishing traps, malicious APP…… It is impossible to guard against. Can easily handle large credit card online? The "open" road was a bottomless pit charges the 20 year old Liu Zhijie is Liaoning Chaoyang, in April this year, he would like to open a barbecue shop, and began to think of ways to raise capital, apply for credit cards. As a result of the bank credit card can only get a lower limit, Liu Zhijie turned his eyes to the online large credit card". He found a home, fill out the relevant information, the other party called. Answer the phone claiming to be in the work of a Guarantee Corporation Liu, Liu said to Liu Zhijie, for a large amount of credit card is very easy, as long as the payment of certain fees. A credit card of 50 thousand yuan, the fee is $1500. Because hand tight, Liu Zhijie to pay 200 yuan, 1300 yuan to pay the rest later. Sure enough, 3 days later, Liu Zhijie wish to receive a courier, which is a GF bank credit card. But Liu Zhijie did not expect is that things are not finished. Received the Guangdong Development Bank’s credit card after Liu Zhijie, the remaining 1300 yuan money in other Alipay accounts. Two hours later, a man claiming to be the director of the Guarantee corporation called again, charged a fee and the guarantee fee to him, for the overdraft 10%, which is 5000 yuan. But Liu Zhijie did not 5000 yuan, only to get together to $4500. Liu Zhijie: and then I finished, I asked her to activate the code, she told me the deposit, the repayment ability is less than 10%, a difference of $500, and then said not open. Very not easy to gather together to 4500 yuan for "not up to the amount of 50 thousand yuan in 10%, can not prove that Liu Zhijie has the repayment ability, so the money was temporarily frozen, the need to pay 5000 yuan, to open a credit card, 4500 yuan before the thaw. In desperation, Liu Zhijie had to borrow a friend from another 5000 yuan to pay up. But did not expect that this credit card or not open. The other said that when you need to activate the card, the cache data, however, only 97% of the current cache data, poor still need to pay $300. Thus, in order to handle a large credit card, Liu Zhijie has to pay 14000 yuan, which is far from the end point, the other is still let Liu Zhijie pay for various reasons. Liu Zhijie began to realize that he might have been taken in. A mysterious woman from cross-border cheated, white car into the key. In April 14, 2016, Liaoning Province, Benxi City Public Security Bureau Pingshan Branch police brigade Liu Zhijie received a warning, through Liu Zhijie’s description, the police quickly identified, this is with the use of phishing sites to implement telecommunications fraud cases. Police immediately set up a task force to investigate the case. Liaoning province.相关的主题文章: