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Shandong geology and mineral resources assets to be injected into the gold production of cash needed bleep

Shandong geology and mineral resources assets to be injected into the gold production realization needs 5 years of hot column capital flows thousands of thousand shares on stock diagnosis the latest rating simulated trading client sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to guide your entries you make you take will always let you each reporter Peng Fei falls in the suspension planning after half a year in Shandong province (000409, SZ) of the major asset restructuring plan, in the Mid Autumn Festival finally unveiled on the eve of the final. In September 12th, Shandong Province announced a major asset restructuring draft, the company intends to issue 215 million shares to 9.52 yuan shares, at a price of 2 billion 48 million yuan acquisition of Laizhou Hongsheng Mining Investment Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as "Laizhou Hongsheng") held by Laizhou Jinsheng Mining Investment Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as "Laizhou Jinsheng") 100% stake. This can be cashed out 4 years ago promised Shandong mineral in 2012 the Thai industrial complex backdoor listing on the occasion, Shandong Mining Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "Shandong Mining Group") has promised Laizhou Jinsheng excellent mining right to choose the preferred assets into the listed company, in order to completely eliminate the potential competition with the listed company. At the same time, in the view of Information Analyst Liu Xinwei, compared to the iron ore mining and other black plate long-term weakness, precious metal potential gold significantly more positive, Shandong mineral move also obviously pay more attention to the future. Promises into gold in September 12th, Shandong Province announced the issue of shares to buy assets and raise matching funds connected transaction report (Draft), said the company intends to issue shares to buy Laizhou roddex held by Laizhou Jinsheng 100% stake, the transaction price is 2 billion 48 million yuan, all of the shares issued by way of payment. It is worth noting that Laizhou Jinsheng currently only achieved mining rights, mining rights in enterprises carrying no other operating assets, the project has not yet started, according to plan production after 5 years. On the issue of shares to buy Laizhou Jinsheng shares at the same time, Shandong province also intends to complete the financing side subscription of non-public offering to raise matching funds 930 million yuan, the matching funds raised will be used to "Shandong Laizhou Zhu Guoli gold project" construction of the infrastructure and payment of agency fees. Before the completion of the transaction, Shandong and Shandong Mining Group currently holds 83 million 869 thousand and 500 shares, representing 17.74% of total share capital, the controlling shareholder of the company. In this transaction, Shandong province intends to Laizhou Hongsheng shares issued 208 million shares, is expected to account for 26.73% of the total issued share capital of the company, Laizhou Hongsheng will become the controlling shareholder. However, it seems people in the brokerage, while controlling shareholder changes, but this time after the completion of the transaction, the identity of the actual control of Shandong Provincial Bureau of Geology and mineral resources remain unchanged, so it does not constitute a reorganization. The deal is also a promise of 4 years ago. By the end of 2012, Shandong and Thailand recombinant ST complex listed, Shandong Mining Group has said that "in accordance with the conditions listed under the Laizhou Jinsheng excellent mining assets into the listed company to choose the priority, to eliminate and on相关的主题文章:

Dong’e Qianhai life insurance capital robbery Ejiao bugger high profit Ampang approach disk access helmet怎么读

Dong’e: Qianhai life insurance capital Ejiao rob profits high approach disk access bugger Ampang hot column capital flows thousands of thousands of stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading contest: national investment adviser at the client King catch demon shares of sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to guide the original title: Dong’e Jiao insurance fuels worry capital robbing Boland department under the Qianhai life had been opening and approaching Dong’e E-Jiao (000423) placards line, once attracted Dong’e County real the big Huarun through real money holdings to firmly in control of Dong’e jiao. However, let the market unexpected is, Qianhai life had high-profile approach seems to be just a feint. Because in the three quarter of this year, harvest a lot of money Qianhai life open sale mode. But Huarun did not completely eliminate the trouble in Qianhai, because life has not been all off, Ampang and opened the "shopping spree" mode. Qianhai life after "Duanchao out" according to the Dong’e County three quarterly reports, at the end of the three quarter, Qianhai life insurance Limited by Share Ltd (hereinafter referred to as the "annual Hailey Hailey mid Qianhai life") held by Dong’e gelatin shares of approximately 7 million 478 thousand shares, accounting for about 1.14% of the total share capital of Dong’e county. In June 30th this year, Qianhai life Hailey year hold Dong’e E-Jiao shares of approximately 27 million 244 thousand shares, accounting for about 4.17% of the total equity of the company, due to the distance placards line only one step away, so the market was considered treasure can exist placards Dong’e E-Jiao expectations. From today’s three quarterly disclosure, the treasure department’s Qianhai life not only in the three quarter of Dong’e E-Jiao holdings, but were generous holdings. "So it seems, Qianhai life Hailey annual original layout or just feint, the ultimate purpose of just trying to Duanchao profit." Beijing, a private person said. It is understood that the Qianhai life Hailey every year in the first quarter of this year for the first time in the Dong’e Ejiao list of the top ten shareholders, and winning the Dong’e E-Jiao position of the third largest shareholder. At that time, Qianhai life Hailey year holds approximately 15 million 930 thousand shares of shares of Dong’e County, Dong’e County accounted for 2.44% of the total share capital. Then, in the two quarter of this year, Qianhai life Hailey year continue to increase Dong’e county about 11 million 309 thousand shares, the number of holdings totaling approximately 27 million 244 thousand shares with the Dong’e county about 4.17% of the shares, is the trend of justice. Trading market, the first quarter of this year, Dong’e E-Jiao trading price of about 46.29 yuan shares. If the calculated price as the holdings of Dong’e E-Jiao cost Qianhai life Hailey year first quarter, Qianhai life Hailey holdings in the first quarter of this year Dong’e E-Jiao costs about 738 million yuan. In the two quarter of this year, Dong’e E-Jiao trading price of about 47.64 yuan shares, estimated by the same method, the cost of holding Qianhai life Hailey annual holdings in the two quarter of this year Dong’e county is about 539 million yuan. In the three quarter Dong’e E-Jiao trading price of 57.27 yuan shares, about 19 million 766 thousand shareholders of Qianhai life Hailey every year in the three quarter to sell on a相关的主题文章:

Volkswagen Europe to repair exhaust vehicles slow repair process less than 10%

The popular European vehicle repair repair exhaust cheating slow process less than 10% Tencent Automobile News Beijing on September 21st news, according to foreign media reports, Volkswagen said on Monday, the Volkswagen Group is Europe repair with "cheating software" diesel vehicles slow, currently 8 million 500 thousand vehicles involved diesel car repair only less than 10%. The mass emission brought great shock to the cheating scandal throughout the company, responsible for the European diesel vehicle recall general manager Manfred · Potter said that the Department of motor vehicles has been approved by the German Ministry of public repair plan, Volkswagen will of nearly 5 million 100 thousand vehicles (German owners) diesel vehicle maintenance. Volkswagen released an internal journal, inside, Potter, in the journal, said: "the public has repaired 8 million 500 thousand vehicles involved in the 10%, and the repair effect is very good."." It is reported that, in the public emissions scandal, the world’s total of about 11 million diesel vehicles affected, while the number of vehicles involved in Europe about 8 million 500 thousand. Equipped with 1.2L and 2.0L diesel engine Volkswagen will only be pollution control system software upgrade to complete the repair, but also nearly 3 million cars 1.6 liters of diesel engine Volkswagen models in addition to the need to update the software, but also to install screens on ambient air filters. Potter said that the public is developing and testing a new version of the software to fix all of the vehicles involved, while the public will make every effort to get the approval of the German Ministry of communications on its solution by November. Volkswagen has said that most of the vehicles involved in the 8 million 500 thousand vehicles in Europe will be repaired this year, but some other vehicles will not be a clear number of repairs completed in 2017. Potter said: before the end of this year, we hope to be able to inform all affected German owners, diesel vehicle technology solutions have been approved to take effect." Copyright statement: This article is an exclusive copy of Tencent automobile, copyright for all Tencent cars. Welcome to reprint, please specify the source (Tencent) and the author, or will be held liable.相关的主题文章:

6 reasons about your baby.

About your baby lying the 6 reasons [] such a small baby will grow up to lie, how to do? Now a lot of mothers on this issue. In fact, in the face of the baby lying first do not blame the baby, to think about what is the reason for the baby lying? One of the reasons lie: the fear of punishment broke the baby readme: fish tank, mother will spank me a dog in the basket that red ball really good-looking, but I just picked up the dog rushed me "bark!" To call a stop, I am scared satuijiupao. "Oh!" My head hurts me! Just listen to "bang!" A click on the table aquarium unexpectedly fell to the ground, the floor is all wet, small goldfish in the ground to thump thump. What the hell is going on? Mess up! Mom came over, pointing to the broken fish tank on the ground to ask me, "how is this going on?" I remember the last time I put the milk into the pot, and my mother hit me on the bottom. This is if I crashed tank and spank me, I quickly told her: "the dog is damaged!" Children’s mentality Click: the child is not the result of fear is the result of the philosopher Russell said: "children are almost always the result of fear of dishonesty." The United States famous child psychologist Quinot analysis of children lying also said: "lying is the fear that the truth and seek refuge in children scolded." 2~3 year old children already have some basic judgments of right and wrong, and when they find themselves doing something wrong, they instinctively fear the punishment. Especially the experience of being reprimanded and punished for doing something wrong. Just like in the story of the skin, when the mother who is breaking the fish tank, he will instinctively think of the last time the mother was hit by mistake. Therefore, in order to avoid punishment, it will create a lie to cover up mistakes. Mother: 1, a coup. Don’t let the children tell the truth and a hard question, that will only make the child more and more round the lie. 2, create a relaxed environment. Create a positive environment for the children to tell the truth, tell the children will make mistakes, should be brave to admit that the next attention on the line. 3, first recognition and then deal with. When children take the initiative to tell the truth, we must first praise the child’s honesty, and then properly handle the child’s mistakes. The reason for lying two: imagination and reality confused baby readme: is the elephant took me back to my father took me to the zoo on Sunday. Zoos are fun, lions, hippos, elephants, rhinos…… Oh, see my eyes. Why? Why do animals and people look different? Why is the White Swan full of feathers and wings? Why don’t elephants have wings, they can take me home. The day passed quickly, no time arrived, I proudly told her: "elephant fly me back." Click on the baby mentality: with the imagination to replace the reality of 2, about 3 years old children, knowledge gradually wide, rich feelings, language ability, the development of imagination is also extremely rich. The wings of the elephant, the refrigerator and the size of houses, and so on the imagination of a powerful and unconstrained style in this age of the children is very common. They often according to their own desire to fantasy, imagination instead of reality. Children of this age group.相关的主题文章:

Want to baby legs look good, you have to do – Sohu maternal and child 霍金hawking

Want to baby legs look good, you have to do – Sohu mother and child to do what is conducive to the development of the baby leg? Don’t force to straighten the baby "splayleg" is a popular leggings, or some parents see the baby splayleg by not to forcibly straighten. These practices are extremely wrong, and even cause serious consequences. Because the baby splayleg is a normal phenomenon, with the baby’s growth and development, is a natural straight legs. If forcibly straightened could make the baby hip dysplasia and dislocation. For this phenomenon, the baby will not feel pain, to walk will be found, then it will be very troublesome to correct. The baby in swaddling clothes, the method must be under the tight loose folk "candle" to prevent bandy legs are wrong. Because from the point of view of science, because the bandy legs caused by calcium deficiency rickets, as long as the usual multi vitamin AD can prevent, without the need for artificial hard package tied chaos. Correct bad posture baby baby is just learning to sit or climb when used to present W type knee valgus kneeling posture. For a long time, the baby may be deformed legs. Parents can guide the baby sitting, or sitting in a small bench, to prevent this from happening. The baby had better not long time sleep baby pashui, ankle varus or valgus takes shape, for a day more than half of the time in a sleeping baby, might have slight adverse effects, so parents can let the baby lying on the side, or lying supine and prone position alternately, this is more conducive to the baby the growth and development of bone. Baby safety seat is carefully chosen in the selection of baby safety seat, do not choose too narrow, and to choose a little loose, you can let the baby’s legs bend freely. Otherwise it will hurt the baby’s hip joint. The baby can not be arbitrarily selected in the selection of harness straps to the baby, must choose to ensure the baby sit is the frog legs, this is the bottom stress sitting in braces. Otherwise it may cause the baby hip dislocation. Remember not to use the baby walker can not help themselves to stand, it shows that his bone development is not perfect. If the parents forced to let the baby stand or a walker, easy to cause the leg or knee joint deformation. Therefore, the baby walker is best to wait until the baby can hold something up and then use, of course, the best do not use. How to determine the baby’s leg type is X or O? When the baby toes forward, heels together when standing, if two knees touch is O leg. If the two knees close together, the two ankles can not touch, then the X leg. In fact, these two legs with the baby’s growth and development in many cases can be self correcting. So parents need not worry too much. The baby is just learning to walk when conditions permit can let him walk barefoot, walking barefoot on foot because of child development is the best, it can stimulate the plantar nerve development, exercise your baby’s ankle, develop good posture. Want to let the baby have a good leg type, in addition to the usual note相关的主题文章: