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Bye bye! Apple monitor is dead teamed LG release new 5K-twoo是什么网站

Bye bye! Apple monitor is dead: joint LG release new products in the release of the new MacBook Pro, Apple announced that, in cooperation with LG launched a 27 inch 5K UltraFine display, designed for the new MacBook Pro optimization. UltraFine 5K display with 27 inch screen, resolution 5120× 2880, P3 wide color gamut, 5K display screen is equipped with the world’s first Thunderbolt 3 interface, in addition also provides 3 USB interface, built-in front camera and microphone, support FaceTime video call, priced at $1300 (about 8813 RMB). At that time, there are many users doubt, Apple’s own monitor it? In June this year, there are rumors that Apple will release integrated independent graphics card Thunderbolt display, and now hopes to have been dashed. Foreign media The Verge reported that Apple has said that the company will launch an independent display business, the future will cooperate with LG. The release of the UltraFine 5K display, is the first of the two joint products. It is reported that UltraFine 5K display brightness and settings can be changed directly on the MacBookPro, which also means that apple and LG cooperation has been quite thorough.相关的主题文章:

Before there is a treasure after Yang Mi! All say real man toxic, but Yang Mi is more beautiful-索尼a350

Before there is a treasure after Yang Mi! All say "real man" toxic, but Yang Mi is clearly more concerned about the public number of the United States, Sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! These two days, it is estimated that we are talking about the key words are: Hawick Lau, Wang Ou, and "four", "derailed", "derailed", """…… Everyone in the distressed power power at the same time, remembered before experienced a "reign of terror" Baoqiang Wang…… Also bluntly "real man" toxic"…… So my brother! This year, the pot can be turned off to the variety show…… "Real man" said: "I would like to thank Yang Mi not guilty, I have healed her years of chronic illness! Why do you say that? Small first left old wave figure for everyone to see the large power power down before the Yan Yang Mi airport map value nature didn’t say, tall and slender is impeccable, but this manner…… Continue to feel down under the mud adorable hunchback Yang Mi problem! Even on a program or sit straight down "happy camp" sitting still caught in the red carpet before the second louxianer: humpback action figure what will be filming, inadvertently showing some of the style does not belong to the goddess…… A time 11 years to play when filming the "Palace" is that, in this year of "Dear translator", still did not get rid of these problems. "Dear translator" there are fans that power is because the chest will be so big. I would like to ask than the chest, can be too big Liu Yan? Liu Yan: two people in the same box, a hand is now compete with established Liu Yan, Yang Mi with the box but slightly in August this year, attended the "real man" the power of the power of recording, a style, a simply do not progress too much! Yang Mi not only stand down and change even when the rest of the comparison chart back than the previous straight down contrast seems "army of plastic as" this sentence is not false! You see the power of the power of recent street shooting, have to walk with the wind down the street recently just a snapshot can not pick out a little problem: recent street has even yesterday suffered the unexpected blow, also can maintain a strong aura! So, mud sprout also blame "real man"? Let’s look at the same problem Xiaonianqing son Zheng Shuang! Cool girl recently finally no longer be lost on the topic of distress, but another serious problem is that her hump is more and more severe…… Zheng Shuang smiled before shooting "Hump" very little problem is quite obvious when a. "Smiled very little" to say that Yang Yang’s posture, body straight, this picture really noble men and lesbian fisherman frame work. Cool girl is hunched back to love honey…… Beizhuo, humpback and Yang Yang together very molimen, but below the grandfather and grandfather with the same box, box. My brother! Unexpectedly harmonious to perfect! Perfect to say that Wuli "dumplings" Michelle Chen Michelle Chen, a short neck even, also do not consciously stretch forward. Michelle Chen.相关的主题文章:

It’s been the German car unexpectedly from Volkswagen Bora platform – Sohu

It’s been the German car unexpectedly from Volkswagen Bora platform? Sohu – car car [produced] no secret after D60 appeared two years later, Chun school brand has brought its first two models: A70. A copycat car’s appearance, how rich configuration, or super attractive pricing, which is always the domestic car selling point, but not Chun sent A70. It is the biggest selling point is that you only need to spend less than 70 thousand yuan, you can get a Volkswagen Bora A-class car technical skills. The reason is very simple, as Tianjin FAW launched the first A-class car, FAW Group also established a key strategic models, Chun sent A70 research and development in accordance with the FAW China standard system, combined with the technical advantages of TOYOTA and volkswagen. The continuation of the classic German suspension platform collocation, guarantee the stability of the chassis and handling, so Chun sent A70 how? Many people say that the design of Chun sent A70 is "Scirocco". The overall shape of low to high before the body posture, low drag design, not only the full impact, but also can get a better view and trunk space. From the side view design, A column and C column after moving forward, but also make the internal space is further increased, which is absorbed by the Japanese car design concept. Chun sent A70 body size is 4610& times; 1790& times; 1mm, wheelbase 2mm. The interior uses a lightweight and surround design, the control console to the driver side, highlighting the movement and convenience. Barrel type instrument panel, simple shapes, using white light illumination. Security configuration, in addition to all the standard ABS+EBD system, luxury Chun sent A70 equipment version 9 ESP electronic stability system the latest version of BOSCH, can provide the auxiliary braking device (BA), traction control system (TCS), the vehicle dynamic stability control (VDC), TPMS (tire pressure alarm device the high order security function). Automatic luxury luxury also unique ramp start system (HHC). The whole system is equipped with China FAW independent research and development of CA4GB16 naturally aspirated engine, displacement of 1.6L, maximum power 83KW, maximum torque of 155Nm, with matching were 5 speed manual transmission and the second generation of Aisin 6 speed tiptronic transmission. Suspension part of the former Mcpherson independent suspension, rear torsion beam semi independent suspension design, the continuation of the classic German platform suspension with a good chassis stability and control. Chun sent A70 also is equipped with EPS electronic power steering, can provide more lightsome sense of control. Ventilated front disc brake disk, but also effectively improve the performance of the brake system, safe driving.               相关的主题文章:

Foreign media headlines Chinese developers will be built in London, Europe’s tallest residential bui-running man20130526

Foreign media headlines: China developers will build the tallest residential building in Europe the United States stock market center in London: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes warrants the Wall Street Journal Chinese developers in London to build the tallest residential building in Europe while the UK announced out of the EU, but the investment enthusiasm of China enterprises on the London real estate market the reduction is still. Shanghai Greenland Group announced this week in London Canary Wharf financial district development project Spire London construction plan. The 67 – story, 241 – meter – high building includes a total of $595 thousand to $861 for each of the apartments. The project cost 800 million pounds, is expected to be completed in 2020. Greenland Group Chairman and President Zhang Yuliang said: the project will become the first high-rise residential buildings in Western Europe, and will further consolidate the status of London as a world-class city and investment destination." Ma Yun was invited as business development consultant Indonesia Indonesia President Widodo G20 summit during a visit to the headquarters of the Alibaba Alibaba Group founder Ma Yun now has a new position: electronic commerce development consultant to the Indonesian government. Last week during the G20 summit, the president of Indonesia Widodo delegation to visit the headquarters of the Alibaba, and the appointment of the ma. During the meeting, Indonesia Communications Minister Rudi Antara invited Ma served as consultant of e-commerce in the country. Alibaba confirmed on Friday, Ma has accepted the invitation. Alibaba is expanding the market in Southeast Asia, has recently spent $1 billion acquisition of the controlling stake in Singapore electricity supplier giant Lazada. CNBC Volkswagen tail valve, the first defendant pleaded guilty to a Chinese engineer Volkswagen engineer admitted on Friday, and agreed to cooperate with the U.S. Department of justice investigation. This is the first prosecution of the U.S. authorities in the investigation of the public exhaust gas incident. The engineer, named James Liang, aged 62, has been working for the public since 1983 and is one of the engineers responsible for the development of diesel engines. The United States Department of Justice said Liang in 2006 developed a cheating software, and in 2014 conducted a test to help conceal the exhaust cheating. He could face up to 5 years in prison and a $250 thousand fine, but he found that if the U.S. government has provided substantial help may be lenient on investigation. Reuters general due to airbag global recall of nearly 4 million 300 thousand vehicles General Motors announced on Friday that the global recall of nearly 4 million 300 thousand vehicles, because a software defect may cause the air bag in the car crash can not bounce, this problem has caused a dead three injured. This is the latest in a series of large-scale recall of global automotive manufacturers and airbag related in recent years. The recall affects some 2014 to 2017 models of trucks, cars and SUV models. GM has launched several recalls in recent years for other airbag problems. In 2014, the company announced the recall of nearly 2 million 600 thousand cars, because a defect in the ignition switch may prevent the airbag open. Earlier this year, the company recalled 2 million 500 thousand vehicles to install Japan’s 9相关的主题文章:

China Coal Industry Association Coal oversupply situation has not fundamentally changed – energy – P-sexinse

Chinese coal industry: Coal oversupply situation has not fundamentally changed, " – energy prices rise, business conditions improved, the coal industry to resolve the capacity achieved remarkable results, fully demonstrates the CPC Central Committee and the State Council to correct, all regions and departments have done a lot of very fruitful work, a large number of key coal enterprises play a very good role model." On September 10th, vice president of Chinese Coal Industry Association Jiang Zhimin in the "2016 first China (Zhengzhou) coal methanol international futures forum" of the forum said that the current coal market oversupply situation has not fundamentally changed, the full development of the transformation and upgrading of the task is arduous when the coal industry, the supply side structural reforms must be unremittingly. Jiang Zhimin introduction, coal is the main energy in China, the party and the government has always been highly concerned about the healthy development of coal industry in recent years, the development of coal industry in some new situations and new contradictions, and vigorously promote the coal supply side structural reform, adhere to the law in accordance with regulations to strengthen the safety and quality, environmental protection, energy, technology and industry standards the construction of credit system, strict management of production safety, strictly control the production of super capacity, strict control of illegal construction, increase the elimination of backward production capacity, convenient production, disorderly development momentum to the coal production capacity greatly control. In fact, after entering in September, the domestic coal futures (ZC1701) the highest price more than 530 yuan a ton, the Bohai sea port part of the coal water price has reached 560 yuan (ton price higher than the price of coal linkage that will trigger price increases), and the recent coal spot prices appear "restless" type rise lead to domestic authorities concerned, the NDRC and the Coal Industry Association convened the fast rising strategy of representative coal enterprises discussion with coal, and ultimately determine the 74 advanced production capacity of enterprises exceeded 276 days production limit, 330 days in accordance with the production restrictions to increase production to curb prices rising too fast. "From the industry that the advanced capacity because of the procedures, to achieve the ultimate security that the advanced capacity basically reached a state of full production, the output of the subsequent release is in doubt, even if there is no part of the post production to full load to also need a certain time period, the fastest 1 month, if the early shutdown of the mine restart have at least half a year, so the short-term incremental difficulties." Participants in the coal trade enterprises who told. In the industry view, this year with rising prices, profits began to increase, in addition to the early closure of the mine, the continued production of the mine has been able to achieve profitability, the average profit reached 70 yuan ton. (commissioning editor Du Yanfei and Wang Jing)相关的主题文章: