Carl Pei confirmed a plus 3S still adhere to the use of optic AMOLED screen beself

Carl Pei confirmed: a plus 3S still adhere to the use of Optic AMOLED screen October 14th news, prior to industry sources said, in order to solve the supply problem, a plus 3S will use LCD screen. However, the day before a confirmed with co-founder Carl Pei in push, plus a mobile phone will still stick to Optic  AMOLED screen, it may also represent a solution to the Optic  problem with the supply of the AMOLED screen. But it is worth noting that a plus also means that the upcoming 3S will also choose the same Optic  AMOLED screen, the screen should be able to protect the quality and technology. Twitter screenshot Carl Pei said that an engineer is adding a plus 3 internal AMOLED screen fine-tuning. He added that the R & D department is also improving the Optic AMOLED screen, making the screen can be used for a future smartphone. According to Liu Zuohu disclosed previously, one plus the Optic AMOLED screen is Samsung’s latest technology, it on the screen when the screen is black, to the screen aesthetic, added a lot of cost: at the same time, the screen frame is currently Samsung screen inside the most narrow. In the display color, plus a more detailed training, for example, when looking at the portrait more comfortable (ruddy complexion, but very true). Previously, the national radio type approval list wireless administration, there is a model for a new machine with A3010, it is likely that one plus mobile phone 3S, the machine will be a plus mobile phone 3 slightly upgraded version, allegedly may change with the latest Xiaolong 821 processor.相关的主题文章: