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Cai Yingwen can call to give up developing missile Shanghai Taiwan media: goodwill – Sohu news "Yunfeng plan" is Taiwan independent research and development of ballistic missile with ramjet engine. Which is similar to the "Bomb Yunfeng plan", bow type two missile is deployed (Figure). The report pointed out that the Cai Yingwen administration decided not to develop medium range surface to surface missiles, there are 3 reasons: 1, to adjust the military strategy; 2, Taiwan does not develop nuclear weapons, even several missiles that can hit Shanghai in Beijing, can not change the war; 3, mass production has been the "male two E" missile performance is very good, can to deal with the mainland coast military targets. Reported that the "Yunfeng" missile development program has more than ten years, invested nearly NT $8 billion. But the Cai Yingwen administration believes that the government in the past to "effective deterrence and defense to" military strategy of the spindle, to achieve "effective deterrence" now has been difficult, therefore intends to adjust the strategy, to emphasize the main defense. The Cai Yingwen administration said, Taiwan has more than and 200 properties of mature male E two "cruise missiles, can accurately hit the enemy ground military facilities, so in the case of limited resources, not in developing ballistic missile attack type. "Taiwan Chinese times" reported that the Taiwan military developed two main counter weapons, "Yunfeng" medium range surface to surface missile warheads to destroy high, but the accuracy is low, "male two E" high precision missile warhead, smaller. The development of Taiwan ballistic missile is an open secret according to "Chinese times" reported that since 1996 after the Taiwan Strait crisis, Taiwan has decided to develop medium range missiles, this is an open secret. Taiwan’s former chief executive, said he believes that Taiwan should maintain sufficient resistance, publicly said in 2004, if you hit me 100 missiles, I also want to hit you 100 missiles". You tin? Is not the first to say "missile hit Shanghai", former KMT chairman Liu Taiying investment management committee also mentioned "Liangdan theory", said Taiwan’s missile can hit Hongkong, Shanghai. In addition, Lien Chan served in the "vice president", also openly advocated to establish remote surface to surface missile. After Chen Shuibian came to power in the development of a more active, short-range surface to surface missile. Tang Fei in the "defense minister" in office, once in the "Legislative Yuan" question, please "legislators" for "Ministry of national defense" deny the development of medium range missiles talk heart". Tang Fei said, the international regulation of a range of 600 km missile technology and equipment, if the defense ministry announced the development of ballistic missile must be resisted. Taiwan’s former defense minister Cai Mingxian in his book also clearly pointed out that Taiwan is developing ballistic missile. Taiwan media: Cai Yingwen goodwill "Taiwan Chinese times" commented that Taiwan is not capable of hitting Beijing, Shanghai’s missile, political significance than military significance. The general view is that because of the DPP’s complex political view and "anti", after the ruling will resume development of ballistic missile. However, the Cai Yingwen administration decided not to do is not the development of medium range missiles, this is a major decision on the mainland is also sending a message, and it is a good message.相关的主题文章: