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After the car drops, shed light weight behind such commercial – Sohu through the network technology to about the new car and Uber door dabeitaixi, people eat melon drops in the future was broken heart, and Chengwei aside monopoly charges such as ignore, in countless possible choice are betting heavily the assets of the car rental business, it is contrary to expectation, reasonable. Drops from the birth of the day they are keen to combat, but the self proclaimed "Chengwei pragmatism war history lovers", the usual or common soldiers burst RTS game flow, or to use the words of Alibaba group chief of staff Ceng Ming, is to use "massive capital intensive bombing, so drops June of trial operation in Shanghai the car rental business, which still depends on the Somme or Verdun style of play, not Rommel or Guderian play speed push. Suddenly the trial operation drops one car rental project by the team, has developed a secret for a long time, suddenly the so-called, refers to the original pieces of more rapid increment of high frequency products, to rely on the underlying resources and depth of the operational capacity of the car rental business and not much interest, but the new deal destroyed this grey area. The business model had to force drops by light weight. Didi car rental test users from the initial invitation, screening rules are based on large data or heavy users. Have the honor to become the first drops since "super Caroline exploration", to do some research on this business. The most intuitive feeling is devouring the entire product experience "". This has two meanings, the first is the basic rules of China and a copy system, such as illegal processing, basic insurance and non deductible, if you rent a car, are not unfamiliar, typical ism. The front end of the experience is a bit of the express express complex, so the advantage is to share the underlying structure, the development of risk is not high, the user started fast, but after all, is the speed of finished products, a lot of slot points. It is said that every source of car mostly in the annual rent obtained from Shanghai leasing company, Buick Gl8 the level of the vehicle rental is about yuan, the strange thing is to rent the car still rarely shanghai. The reason why the scale of the use of self powered vehicles, naturally to control costs, but also shows that the business is still exploratory stage. By not only a few stores in Shanghai, relying on the parking lot vehicle hubs, it is pushing pick up, is to process all online and offline to avoid short board, but in the long run, the possibility of airports, high-speed rail "coming out" is still high. The order is taking the double inventory of drivers and vehicles, the system overload will refuse to pick a single bit to lease contract and all aspects of vehicle integrated in APP, the appearance of the vehicle damage upload pictures, the P2P car rental process. As for a rent subsidy is still a lot, Jinyuan orders, plus a matching coupon, paid in yuan basic insurance, the equivalent of a full free single, but it is not a good settlement link optimization. Specifically, the contradiction between experience and risk control. Drops in the registration section with a real name authentication + face recognition of sesame credit, but this is only the primary risk control, the right to use the car rental industry is the pre authorization of the commercial banking system.相关的主题文章: