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By Beiqi after Changhe, color change? Speaking of auto – Sohu Changhe Automobile, emerge many in the brain must be like the Big Dipper micro sedan or minivan picture. Some older people, even the memories stay in the last century in 90s, the streets of the taxi scene in changhe. This situation is very similar to many years ago in Changan automobile! But now Changan cars have been completely out of the previous micro car brand, enterprise development is also on the upgrade. Slow development of Changhe Automobile seems to still snail in. Naturally, Changhe Automobile from the public familiar with the eyes of disappearing. But as the saying goes: "ten years Hedong Hexi ten years". Experienced former glory, and walked across a bumpy road from the new Changhe Automobile, decided to come back. Only this time, the roots of the Millennium Jingdezhen’s automobile enterprises with independent brand development momentum, with a new partner with Beiqi luster color. Tonight, the compact SUV — Q35 Beiqi Changhe launched a new will be officially listed. Q35 will change if the fineness of Beiqi Changhe Harvard H6 glory of the Great Wall, GS made trumpchi boyue improve Geely, X7 saved Lufeng, then Q35 will follow another car enterprises Jiangling Gannan belong to earth like S3, bear the transition of the whole enterprise strategic mission. The cause of the vehicle auto group, the minister a copy of Changhe Automobile, party secretary and general manager Kuang Guanghua even hope to revive the Jingdezhen Changhe into China, to become the new name card of Jiangxi. After the reorganization as Beiqi Changhe Automobile input second SUV models, Q35 is actually expected. In June this year just from Beijing modern Southern Division was transferred to the deputy general manager of Changhe Automobile Ren Liu Shijin, said in an interview with us, hoping to "blast" Q35 into Changhe Automobile, Changhe Automobile Products has become an important force to achieve the. From the test evaluation has shown the products and media, Q35 also has the potential as "explosive goods. Very fashion and individuality of Yan values, follow the interior design of the Mercedes Benz, and a flexible space wide body design, let it have the opportunity to become Changan refine S3, CS35 and the V3 models such as the most powerful competitors. In particular, the design of floating roof Changhe Q35 present compact SUV most popular, as well as other double color body, people on the previous conservative, even Changhe "rustic" impression greatly. If the change is visible at a glance, then those invisible change needs into will feel, these not only reflected in the Q35 material and workmanship above, so it is in the process of manufacturing products on the original. In a recent visit the factory, insiders told us that since Beiqi after joining the new Changhe investment in production line. Last December, Changhe Automobile is complete with the domestic first-class manufacturing level of Jingdezhen flood source of new construction of a project to the factory, the new base of introducing the high intelligent automation equipment, flexible production can meet the demand of high precision manufacturing and more models, rapid promotion.相关的主题文章: