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Bus reform steadily how to solve the problem of national public travel inventory? – Beijing Central Broadcasting Network Beijing on October 9th news China according to the voice of "global Chinese radio network" reported that two years ago, the formal launch of the bus reform program, cancel the following vice ministerial level cadres car and general public service vehicles, public transport subsidies to payment. The past two years, the central and state organs at the same level of reform has been fully completed in the last year, the situation is more complex and is currently promoting the use of local. According to the central provisions, the highest is 1950 yuan a car allowance. Released from the current 22 provinces, Yunnan, Guangxi and Guizhou are the top grid subsidies, departmental subsidies amounted to 1950 yuan. In the most extensive coverage of the staff subsidies, most areas in 600 yuan. Overall, the economic strength is weak, the geographical remoteness of the province’s higher subsidies, lower subsidies for large economic province. Some analysts believe that this is higher than the province’s overall economic income of civil servants, traffic is more convenient. Since the bus reform, many civil servants said these immediate effect, the abuse of the bus a lot less. Of course, there are still "ordinary clerk do not get subsidies" and "leaders still open the bus.". Implementation of the bus reform needs to continue to be implemented. Introduction of the bus reform program, can be called the ice breaking reform of the bus. So, look at the world, other countries and regions of the bus exactly how to equip? Official travel how to solve? "Chinese daily" Asia Pacific Bureau reporter Li Tao introduction, Hongkong bus use has a very detailed, the government of Hongkong to encourage civil servants to use public transport. Li Tao introduction, Hongkong has qualified with car does not limit high level officials used a total of not more than 40 people. These include the chief executive, the chief justice of the court of final appeal, the Chief Secretary for administration, the financial secretary, the Secretary for justice, and so on. Other Directorate officials must also be associated with the public car, in addition to some special circumstances, such as to the hospital, etc.. In addition to the more than one thousand Directorate level officials, the government is required, other civil servants need to consider the needs and cost effectiveness, the need to use the most appropriate means of transport to perform duties. They require the use of cheaper public transport, including subway, bus, taxi, etc.. And ordinary civil servants out if you need to use the bus, but also the approval of their heads of departments, and through the deployment of the logistics department. "Global Chinese radio network" Japan observer Huang Xueqing said, the Japanese government official car was not much, even so, still has a very strict bus management system, such as central institutions only above minister and vice minister to enjoy free shuttle service, which is equivalent to China’s ministerial and Deputy ministerial level. Japanese civil servants to encourage green travel. Huang Xueqing, Japan’s administrative official car accounted for only less than 3%, is relatively strict state control and supervision of government expenditure in terms of public funds, for these small public service vehicles, all levels of government still has formulated strict management system. For example, the Ministry of internal affairs more than two thousand employees only 50 vehicles of official vehicles, the central officials only.相关的主题文章: