Brother to marry his sister, niece married uncle why the prevalence of consanguineous marriage in Ko-vstart

My brother married sister, niece married uncle: why the prevalence of consanguineous marriage in Korea dynasty drama "Li" posters startling step by step: South Korea SBS TV drama "startling step by step · Li" tells the story of the four Prince of Korea and through to the modern women’s Korea Dynasty solution tree between romantic love story, attracted many Korean fans watch. But in the history of Korea, the four Prince Wang Zhaoji Dynasty, Korea Dynasty, the king of the fourth generation of light, his love is not so much romance, more is the family. The reason is because the light has a queen and a harem, two people with light has a direct relationship, his queen’s Huangpu is his half sister, and Mrs. Lin is the Qinghe house after his half brother Hui Zong’s daughter, his niece, this is not more than romantic affection! So, why in this light will have against the human relatives in marriage? There are many "outrageous" Korea Dynasty consanguineous marriage relationship between Korea Dynasty consanguineous marriage "the initiator of evil" is the Korea Dynasty’s founder Wang Jian. Wang Jian has no prominent family background, but later many local family of Xinluo. He later joined the African bow of Koguryo, made many African men bow in exploits, become the effective competition, also establish their own prestige in general and powerful families, it is relying on the prestige and the generals and Haozu dissatisfaction with the American father and son bow he was able to create a generation. Although Wang Jian founded the Korea Dynasty, ascended the throne, but the initial Korea regime is in fact a clan coalition, some separatist Haozu always have the strength to challenge the monarchy. In order to consolidate the political power, Wang will adopt various methods to win over Haozu, among them a kind of important method is to marry the daughter of local Haozu do concubine. Wang Jian’s married 29 women, many women were there Haozu background. The 29 for a total of 25 Princess Wang Jiansheng and Princess Prince 9. The 9 princess, 6 princess married her half brother. Not only that, in the Korea Dynasty, in addition to a very few, only married Princess clan members, prohibit marrying. Korea Dynasty between half brothers and sisters to marry is frequent in the ninth generation of King Dezong period. Derzon is the eighth generation of the king and the Queen’s son Xianzong Yuan Cheng, two of his concubine was his half sister. Not only that, the corrections of mother and filial piety Princess queen mother were sisters. The eleventh generation of the king and queen of Hui Yuan Wenzong is king’s son, and his concubine Ren Ping queen is his half sister, and the mother of Queen and Ren Ping Wen is also the mother of sisters. Korea Dynasty last half sister marriage appeared in the eleventh generation of King Wen Tsung children, according to his daughter Ji Qing princess to marry his son Wang Sui and Fuyu public, the mother of two children and sisters.   Korea North Korea Dynasty Royal character relationship map, images from micro-blog @ WHS war history research since the Korea Dynasty Princess to marry clan members, prohibit marrying, so there is always the number of male and female peers unequal situation, this will be the birth of a consanguineous marriage, the marriage between the nephew, that is said uncle niece married to wife. Korea Dynasty first.相关的主题文章: