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Home-Schooling "A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops." Henry Adams Teaching is not everyone’s cup of tea. It takes a hell lot of patience and a huge heart. And true, not all of us have that much patience and that huge heart. And thus, not all of us can be teachers. If you are one, we salute you. Teachers are called nation builders; we’d, however, prefer calling them change makers. They have the luxury to interact with the kids most of the time, and thus shape their very way of thinking and looking at the outer world; these kids will lead India of tomorrow, and thus their teachers have a role to play which is bigger than ever. The world is changing fast, and if we, as a country, want to hold our place in the changing economic and socially dynamics of this world, we have to have kids who dream and grow up to become innovators and leaders. And for this to happen, we just cannot ignore our teachers who, unfortunately, are increasingly finding themselves at a juncture where they no longer feel the joy of learning & teaching. We have to have something exciting for them so they once again go back to their classes with a renewed enthusiasm. A post graduate diploma in learning & teaching is what we suggest – A large number of teachers may stop learning once they get a job and begin teaching. Soon they feel they are not growing, they are not learning, and this feeling kills them from deep within. A post graduate diploma in learning & teaching is very much likely to help our teachers get back the joy that should always be a part of this profession. Even B.Ed. pass outs can take up such a teacher training course in Gurgaon to add on to their skills and tap abundance of opportunities that the teaching profession comes with. If you are a teacher and feel like stagnated somewhere within, we suggest taking up a teacher education programme at a primary teacher training institute in Delhi NCR. If you are skeptical about one such programme, then you may like to attend a few workshops conducted for teachers. Whatever it is, begin early, begin now, because you are a teacher and India is looking at you with immense expectations to deliver, to create leaders of tomorrow. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: