Boss PDD do not forget the beginning of the heart MGB club once again hit LPL-sugus

The boss PDD did not forget the early heart: MGB club again after the formation of the impact of LPL has many hiring retired players will participate in the new occupation Corps in the LPL division, expect them to be able to complete their year to realize the dream, and inject fresh blood to the LPL division. PDD teacher is one of the pioneer corps, YM is a leader in the LSPL League, but repeated impact LPL have failed, and in yesterday’s live PDD MGB club will again be confided, the following Xiaobian a look. It can be seen from the live PDD is a team of managers, and salary is uncertain, if you have the ability, you can receive a huge salary of 100 thousand yuan, interested friends may wish to try. And PDD belong to a period of occupation player 55, although the team involved in this field is relatively late, but its investment to join the IM team have qualified for S6 global finals, achieved the feat three jump, no wonder PDD want to recruit people to strengthen marine management, it is also want to qualify for the LPL with old friends team compete. (play with matches) happy together! The female anchor and forgot to turn off the camera (Photos)相关的主题文章: