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5 Birds To Get To Know In Antarctica Posted By: sinuse There are some parts of the world that offer good bird watching cruises, and then there’s Antarctica, which is quite simply a cut – or perhaps that should be ‘beak’ – above. For those wishing to truly ‘spread their wings’ (sorry) on the ultimate bird-spotting break, there can be no better option than one of our own well-priced packages here at Antarctica Bound. Here are just five of the endless range of birds to get acquainted with on your next visit to this incredible natural frontier. 1. Penguins You know you’re in Antarctica when you spot a penguin, which is unquestionably the most common type of bird here. That said, you’re unlikely to spot just one, given the colonies in which they live with populations exceeding those of some human cities. 17 different species of penguin wait to be discovered on one of our bird watching cruises in Antarctica, including the native emperor and Adélie. 2. Albatrosses No more iconic a bird is there to be found in Antarctica than the albatross, which with its 8-12kg body mass and three-metre wing span, is also the largest seabird in the region.

bird watching cruises Bird Sanctuary ,kumarakom Posted By: Positioned on the edge of the Vembanad Lake, the bird sanctuary is extended across 14 acres. The Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary, a paradise for the nature lovers is a very popular hang around of migratory birds like the Siberian stork, egret, darter, heron and teal. A trip to the bird sanctuary, placed inside the lush acres of forested and woody land nearby, get you acquainted to the large number of migratory birds that flock in a very big number, some from the great Himalayas and many of them even from as far as Siberia. Along with that you can get delighted of the resident kingfishers blazing in variety of colors, feel a cool walk under rookeries of egrets and night herons or solitary golden-backed woodpeckers and constant enjoyment in the acrobatics of the heavenly fly-catchers. Pathiramanal also known as sands of midnight, a captivating and an enthralling island on the lake, that is accessible by boat. This 10 acre island on the backwaters is a dwelling to numerous uncommon and exceptional selections of migratory birds from various corners of the world.

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