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Software To improve the software quality and efficiency, it is always re.mended to validate the functionality before making your software online. But from business perspective, software testing is one of the most critical and challenging tasks among all unless it is handled by right person. In order to develop new software, every organization use to follow Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). This methodology has its own phases from feasibility study to maintenance. Among those phases, Software Testing is one of the most important phases. Whenever any product is going to launch, the first thing is to verify and validate the overall functionality from different perspectives. With the help of software testing services, it is easy to identify the primary risk factors. But if we dont identify the risks factors then it would gets multiplied at later stages in the software development life cycle. The best thing is that when you resolved all the problems in initial phase it results in greater savings of time and money. This approach makes the software development more cost effective. To deliver better quality software product on time, we aim to conduct quality assurance tests at each phase of development. BQT is an independent software testing .pany who known for their best quality testing and software quality assurance services. During development phase, there is always high priority of issues and errors. But, with our time tested methodologies and end to end software testing services caters to your need of implementing business ready web applications. In these software applications, quality the key differentiator in success. BQT offers a wide range of quality assurance services from Functional Testing to User Acceptance Testing. The testing process performed by our QA engineers includes formulating the test plan & cases, execution, bug reporting, bug analysis, risk assessment and the most valuable re.mendations to follow. In addition, our software testing services conducts various other tests procedures to resolve the issues and bugs in your application. All the processes in BQT are managed by our young, certified QA engineers by which the software launched with full of confidence and assurance. BQT follows a list of precise procedures, standards and methodologies to improve software quality assurance standards. Some of software testing procedures are Functional Testing, System Testing, Database Testing, Security Testing, Automation Testing and Performance Testing etc. These procedures not only help to reduce the cost of change but also increase the speed and improved the management of change. BQT is specialized in customer satisfaction by setting up highest levels of test solutions which in turn produced quality software within time and budget. Our QA testers have extensive experience in their domain and ensure that the targeted customers will get benefitted with the best software product. Software testing services are not used to ensure that there is no bug or issue in the application but rather considered as a way to improve the application. BQT motto is to do the tests at all phases of software development so as to avoid test result errors. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: