Ben Ben Wallace Huo after the first show of marriage shocked Willber Pan – Sohu entertainment rap-sayu-02

The "fast" Wallace Huo married the first show Zhang Yixing Willber Pan Sohu   Rap stunned the "fast" entertainment; Wallace Huo married the first Sohu show entertainment news this Saturday night, Wallace Huo, Zhang Yixing, Willber Pan, Hailu Qin, SNH48, a big wave of cross-border large coffee debut camp! Wallace Huo married variety show on the face full of happiness, dog abuse force max. Zhang Yixing Changsha RAP chaos into, the scene was shocked to sing the original Willber Pan. SNH48 soft MOE dance on the line, stunning four. Danger ahead!, are you ready to take it? After the first variety show the strength of dog abuse Wallace Huo sweetness deep open throat from exposure to love to announce the marriage wedding, now the business of the family of three veteran Wallace Huo, the daily headlines more than busy, but also did not forget to show your sweet variety shows. The Yes or No link, when asked Wallace Huo poker-faced Vega with his head — the name "Ruby Lin" is familiar, "veteran" was a shy laugh, play off to a "hate vanker ~", sweet outside Giori tender, the whole audience cubujifang to be fed a hungry dog! He also could not help but laugh at Wallace Huo from the boy to the identity of the father. While claiming to have been sealed wheat Chinese brother, is in the game more soulful singing beautiful songs, sweet and full of "dog abuse" bursting…… Zhang Yixing Changsha Rap stunned SNH48 MOE sister paper group on the line to lose the burden of an idol idol, the promotion of a variety of sense of Willber Pan Willber Pan! And the waves staged chowhound big PK, drink a cup of juice complete, do not stop. As the host of the Zhang Yixing and Wu Xin not only staged offbeat interactive music, but also with Changsha dialect scene interpretation of Willber Pan classic song "Tell Me", with the original singing style of magic smiles and cry! Girl group SNH48 third annual total runoff of popular TOP16 fresh stage, full of vitality and soft adorable house dance should see Zhang Yixing stay! SNH48 features self introduction interaction, veteran Wallace Huo second funny than the hand piece lead the audience laughed! Don’t want to be a singer dancer is not a good actor, a live version of everyone to leave the stump cross large coffee! SNH48 a red dress scene hot dance, in the face of the test of small pride Zhang Yixing scene help sister sister ridicule, he asked her to phone number". The acting is not NG link, dedicated to what the teacher repeatedly smashed, the side of the warm man Zhang Yixing wants to swap roles with the teacher, warm heart move touched the audience. The Saturday night 20:20 Hunan TV "happy camp", cross large coffee with you Be There Or Be Square!相关的主题文章: