Beijing strict control false marriage house no purchase qualifications can not be signed alone

Beijing strictly control the purchase of fake marriage: no qualified buyers can not separate signed new commercial housing without qualified buyers cannot appear alone in the room; second-hand housing will also perform for the Beijing News (reporter Zhao Shi) in Beijing since the introduction of the purchase of housing policy, the "false marriage" to get qualified buyers phenomenon spawned. Recently, the couple in Beijing purchase, no purchase qualification of the party can not in the room alone signed signed policy has attracted media attention. Beijing News reporter learned yesterday from the relevant departments, this policy has actually been implemented for some time, the current study is also the second-hand housing transactions into the initiative. Chaos: rush into danger for the purchase of "false marriage" in February 2011, Beijing issued a purchase order, a lot of nationals of non Beijing buyers is limited. In this context, through false marriage to defraud the way the purchase of quality in Beijing market. In 2013, Beijing city policy, clearly defined, not to declare, to provide false materials cheat purchase eligible families, not for property registration, families bear the corresponding legal responsibility, shall not purchase a home in the city, and in 5 years. Constitute a crime, will be investigated for criminal responsibility according to law, but through false marriage buy a house still exists. Previously, the Beijing News reporter found in the interview, a real estate intermediary to collect some information with the purchase of qualified nationals, then find buyers will have no qualified buyers who help the parties to complete the "false marriage" purchase of "one-stop" service: buy a house, the room to write the purchase without qualification a party, after divorce, one party to earn money, one party is owned by the Beijing real estate. A knowledge of the real estate intermediary has revealed, according to the "market", without the qualification of the party to purchase at least to the other party to pay 100 thousand yuan, and others became the "professional huntuo". "This way" to rush into danger. "." Insiders said that the purchase behavior after marriage, the purchase of housing is common to all, once in the process of divorce "huntuo" proposed division of property requirements, the other party will face huge losses. Countermeasures: 8 types of marriage, real estate information networking Lianzha cheat qualified buyers to close the "false marriage" phenomenon, since the purchase of the policy, the Beijing Municipal Construction Committee will work with relevant departments to improve the qualification of buyers, has been gradually realized as the household registration, real estate, tax, social security, marriage, work permit 8, Hong Kong and Macao and foreign family information network. And in the system of qualified buyers verification, one with different number of personnel with divorce, the system will start the alarm mechanism. Moreover, the Municipal Construction Committee also proposed the related agencies may abet and assist in the purchase of counterfeit proof materials, cheat purchase qualifications, otherwise it will give pause net signed, and ordered rectification of punishment. In the purchase of the qualification process, the requirements of the development of enterprises and brokerage agencies to perform the duties of the first instance, the purchase of the relevant materials for serious verification. Progress: A Study on upgrading of relevant departments in accordance with the current network system, signed on behalf of the family, the purchase of the Beijing family membership, with qualified buyers who can separate the acquisition of real estate registration certificate, or do not have qualified buyers)相关的主题文章: