Beijing since October 1st, 5 kinds of disabled persons to buy new devices to enjoy full subsidies in-boee

Beijing since October 1st, 5 kinds of disabled persons enjoy full subsidies to buy aids – Beijing newspaper news (reporter Ye Xiaoyan) "October 1st Beijing assistive devices service management measures" trial, five disabled people can enjoy full subsidies to buy aids. City CDPF responsible person, had aids for the disabled mainly carry out government procurement, the allotted, and the new "measures" is used to configure the devices to buy in the form of subsidies, to be purchased by the disabled, government subsidies. The new "measures" will be more than 60 years of age with disabilities and students with disabilities into AIDS in the scope of subsidies, in order to achieve the "disabled people of all ages" security devices. Compared with the past, the subsidy standard has also improved. Canlian released detailed provisions of the various types of subsidies directory assistive appliances subsidy standards, such as non poor people with disabilities subsidies increased from 30% to 50%, enjoy low, low income, unemployment benefits without stable income, under the age of 16 disabled children and college students with disabilities in 5 categories of disabled persons, can enjoy subsidies 100% basic AIDS the. If the purchase price is lower than the standard 50% auxiliary subsidies, it can give 100% according to the actual price subsidies. J224相关的主题文章: