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Beijing people spend the hottest summer — Society — original title: Beijing people spend the hottest summer Beijing morning news (reporter Wang Hailiang) yesterday announced that the Municipal Meteorological Bureau, Beijing this summer the hottest "history", especially in the past August Beijing meteorological records since the hot in August; and has been in the daytime sun still dew solar term, hot hot, hot autumn still remains. When autumn, still not decided that although this Sunday to cool down, but the next week can enter the meteorology sense of autumn, still need to wait for the temperature observation. This summer, the temperature in Beijing hit a record. The City Meteorological Service Center Deputy Director Li Xun said, starting from July this year, Beijing opened the "cooking" and "baking" mode, hot and dry heat turns debut. In this regard, Li Xun analysis of the causes of said, mainly because of the summer in Beijing area was influenced by a number of high temperature weather system, the subtropical high and the continental high took turns, sometimes forming damp heat, and the formation of the high temperature, which also led to the people of Beijing have the "history" in 1951 (Southern Observatory has since complete meteorological records one of the hottest summer). Data show that in August this year, the average temperature of 25.7 degrees in Beijing area, higher than the average annual temperature of 1.6 degrees, which is the highest since the same period in the history of history (tied with the year in 2006). The average temperature in the southern suburbs of Beijing Observatory in August is 27.5 C, the highest value since 1950. Today, autumn has been more than a month, but it only occurs in the morning and evening, the day of the "mainstream" heat or the sun; in the dew solar term "autumn", the remnants seem to be still. Li Xun said that in recent years, the record of the high temperature hot weather has been broken, whether there will be a higher temperature record in the future, it is difficult to predict. In this Sunday dew solar term, Beijing will usher in a large cooling. When the autumn? Meteorological experts said, affected by the cold air, the weekend there will be showers, especially during the day on Sunday, the "double blow" in the cold air and precipitation, the highest temperature will ride the slide to 23 DEG C, which compared with yesterday’s high temperature of 31.4 DEG C temperature up to 8 deg C -. Next week is expected early in the late week of rainy weather, more cloud in the sky on the highest temperature in the 25 to 29 degrees Celsius, the temperature at 17 to 20 DEG C. "Next week whether to enter the meteorology sense of autumn, also need waiting for temperature observations." Municipal Meteorological Observatory experts said. (commissioning editor: Cao Kun)相关的主题文章: