Beijing, part of the middle aged and young people to warm up the IKEA team responded IKEA – China Ne-mkdv-02

The elderly in Beijing IKEA group IKEA staff to respond to rub warm – Beijing Beijing morning news (reporter Zhang Jingshu) the winter has come, although already began to try heating, but there are still many people in the chill. Recently, the Beijing morning news reporter interviewed found that the staff are wearing a short sleeved IKEA became a good place for a lot of people rub hot, even the retired people come together to chat playing cards. Staff said that the recent restaurant to pass the time to increase the number of people, but as long as it does not affect the order and environment, will not interfere with the customer. Although has been determined to advance to November 13th officially began heating time, but the chill in the or so many people try to find a warm place. The reporter found the day before the summer, people rub air Jieshu IKEA mall, has recently become a good place for heating in the elderly. Ms. Li Retired for more than two years on Friday, her about her old friend for a chat, location selection in IKEA, "coffee, hot water, free soft sofa, and suitable for the warm air, noon can eat in the restaurant for us this elderly". Like Ms. Li in the elderly, can be seen everywhere in the IKEA restaurant, 32 meet, chat, read, as well as sitting around a table playing cards. Seventy Wanglaotai sitting alone in the corner, hot water, orange on the table, "I and friends with their nanny out stroll, they said to go to the park to see the leaves, take pictures, my legs are not agile, they just wait here. There are eating and drinking, warmer than at home, they also rest assured". In the children’s entertainment district, Wu old woman and old friends with their granddaughter to play, "when the weather is warm with the children playing outside, these days the weather is cold, there is not a hot cold, children are willing to." IKEA mall staff told reporters that as early as more than half a month ago, the store has opened the heat, the staff more than half a sleeved overalls to work. For the public to "rub hot" behavior, they have got used to. "The weather has been cold recently. The people who come to work during the day are more than ever before. IKEA has been the experience of shopping mode, so that we can experience comfort. So whether it’s cool in summer, warm in winter or in the middle of the day, we don’t interfere with the environment and other shoppers." Clue: Mr. Chen相关的主题文章: