Beijing Badaling a black car why hit It’s not just a lack of

Beijing Badaling a black car why hit? Not only the lack of supervision – Beijing and Beijing tour, and the Badaling Great Wall, black black tour Beijing has become a problem difficult to heal wounds, every time a bleeding. In February this year, a tour guide to the tourists shouted, do not want to die? In September 17th, travel to Beijing Chang Fang (a pseudonym) a family of four to go to the Badaling Great Wall, the wrong on the black car, was threatened halfway to add money, a person with the car also hit a slap in the face. An international metropolis, but often in the black black tour guide such things on the move, in any case is not a glorious thing. This is the tourists themselves, from the Badaling Great Wall to Beijing City, and more than and 100 kilometers a day, 75 yuan of money, I am afraid that even the expenses are not enough, but also travel so many attractions, not cheating is not compulsory shopping, what to rely on to survive? This car is not on the. The lack of supervision to a certain extent, also contributed to this behavior, a market will appear such problems, but the black car black tour there is no room for any living space that has lvjinbujue, is the responsibility of the regulatory authorities. But I’m afraid there is a deeper reason why the black car, black tour of the problem almost focus on the outbreak in Badaling, Ming Dynasty Tombs this line, with the public transport system is not developed enough for. Beijing also has a lot of tourism distribution center, there are regular travel agencies, but such a price with the price of a black tour guide, its attractiveness greatly reduced. In fact, convenient, inexpensive public transport is the best solution. Go to the Great Wall to kill, when heard, but what time do you go to the Summer Palace, the Imperial Palace heard in the past to be ripped off, the reason is very simple, if you are in Beijing city where go to the Imperial Palace is a very troublesome thing, not only do not lift the black guide wind was blowing. But it’s not easy to go to the Great Wall. Bus routes to the Badaling Great Wall is not rare, but compared to the huge passenger line, is tantamount to an utterly inadequate measure. The site can not find, line markers are also unclear and propaganda is not a newcomer to the outside to find the few lines in Beijing such a big city like look for a needle in the ocean. On the other hand, we can see that the low price to the day of the ad can be very easy to find in hotels, networks, public places. Not everyone is rushing to the cheap, a lot of is convenient to go, a tourist car to telephone the hotel door, although the process is dangerous, but at least they sent back, this time, the public service and where is it? The bus can easily open to the door, and convenience and freedom, why go to the trouble to touch the black car? It is not convenient for us to go to the remote the Great Wall as far as the the Imperial Palace in the center of the city, but it is possible to meet the needs of the tourists as easily as possible. Visitors to Badaling and Ming Dynasty Tombs are of great importance to the value of the city of Beijing, and it should be included in the public transport system, rather than on the plate of scenic tourism. In the public transport involving tourism, in recent years there is an extreme: some cities do not open directly to the scenic bus lines相关的主题文章: