Bank of Beijing issued green financing action plan to support energy-saving emission reduction

The Bank of Beijing issued a "green finance" action plan to support energy saving and emission reduction enterprises sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to tutor you say stocks contest 60 million Securities Times reporter Niu Xi yesterday, as the Hangzhou G20 Summit Forum "G20 Energy Forum" held in beijing. The event, the Bank of Beijing and China Energy Conservation Association Service Industry Committee (EMCA) jointly issued a "green finance" green financial action plan together to support energy-saving emission reduction enterprises especially small and micro enterprise growth and energy saving. It is reported that green financing action plan will be for small and micro enterprises in the financial package of service programs to achieve smooth flow of energy saving enterprises, boost energy-saving emission reduction. The next 5 years, the development of plans to foster and support the training of energy service companies less than 1000, the energy saving service small micro enterprise not less than 600; in the green financial sector put no less than 100 billion, leveraging social capital investment of not less than 500 billion yuan, about annual energy-saving capacity of 1.25 tons of standard coal, 3.125 tons of carbon dioxide emissions to achieve. At the same time, the formation of a classic case of bank enterprise cooperation in various fields of building energy-saving and green building, green transportation, industrial energy efficiency, water efficiency, air pollution, renewable energy, building energy saving and environmental protection demonstration project. To promote the goal of implementation, the Bank of Beijing proposed eight action plan, including energy conservation service doubling plan, multi product support plans, heat warm people support plans, industrial upgrading plan, green building planning, transport energy conservation and emission reduction plan, water transport comprehensive improvement plan and air pollution control plan. The bank and the Bank of Beijing said that EMCA will play their respective advantages in resources, from industry research, innovation, team construction, market promotion, external cooperation should establish action roadmap, provide support for the promotion of action plan for landing. It is reported that the Bank of Beijing in 2004 began to explore the green financial field, more than and 10 years, successively in collaboration with the World Bank World Bank GEF China energy-saving promotion project ", and the International Financial Corporation (IFC) joint innovation loss sharing business model, cooperative association EMCA batch service ESCO company, launched the" energy loan product characteristics, and the first and IFC cooperation can effect the financing service. At present, the Bank of Beijing green financial loans balance of 45 billion yuan, over the past 20 years, a total of more than more than 3000 households in the green energy business loans of nearly $110 billion. Enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章: