Bank notes occur frequently in recent ten years involved a total of 22 billion 700 million financial

Bank notes occur frequently in recent ten years involved amounted to 22 billion 700 million – year financial Sohu of China’s banking bill market is not calm. January 22nd, the agricultural bank bills to buy back the sale of a major risk event, involving up to 3 billion 900 million yuan. In January 28th, CITIC Bank has exposed 969 million yuan bill fraud. April 8th, the Bank of Tianjin disclosure of 786 million yuan bill case. July 7th, the Bank of Ningbo announced the original staff of illegal bills business 3 billion 200 million yuan. August 7th, Guangdong Development Bank found 930 million yuan of funds were diverted into the stock market. In August 12th, the banking industry starting 1 billion 300 million yuan electric ticket case, involving ICBC, Prudential Bank and Bank of china. Bank intensive outbreak of bills, causing social concern. It is worth noting that the banking industry is not limited to the issue of invoice frequency is limited to the first half of this year, but a long time. According to incomplete statistics, in the past ten years, the domestic banking industry total billion yuan big bills since 42, involving a total of 22 billion 700 million yuan, the average amount of 540 million yuan, the largest bank notes cases, involving up to 3 billion 900 million yuan. When the bank notes after the case was exposed, many people will attribute it to the internal control, no real trade background and other reasons, the regulatory authorities will carry out a round of investigation and rectification, but with little success, completely failed to curb the momentum of frequent big bills, the reason is the root cause of diagnosis and prescription. The author believes that the main cause of the problem is the intensive outbreak of the bill by the bank to increase the performance of bills issued by the bank acceptance bills to create false margin deposits. The vast majority of bills from the field of bank acceptance. A bank acceptance bill is a means of payment and financing. For example, if the enterprise financing 10 million yuan to the bank, the bank can issue a loan of $10 million, you can also issue a face value of $10 million bank acceptance bill. Enterprises to get the bank acceptance bill, you can use the bill to pay the money, you can also need cash to the bank in exchange for cash. The bill expires, if the enterprise can’t cash fare, the bank must unconditionally advance funds for enterprises. The bank issued a bank acceptance bill to the enterprise to collect 5/10000 of the fee and a small margin. In the 90s of last century, the proportion of bank acceptance deposits of state-owned commercial banks generally not more than 5%. How do banks use bank acceptances to increase deposits? Still using the above examples: if the company needs 10 million yuan of funds, the bank can have direct loans of 10 million yuan for enterprises; but the bank to give enterprises issued 20 million yuan of bank acceptance bills, and allow enterprises to pay 50% deposit". The result of this approach is that the bank’s net financing to the enterprise is still 10 million yuan ($20 million yuan -1000 million deposit), but the bank has increased the deposit margin of $10 million. Obviously, the bank is to raise the deposit ratio to quickly increase the deposit performance. This approach is not only illegal behavior also resort to deceit. Regulatory authorities as early as 1997 expressly stipulates that it is strictly prohibited to issue bank acceptance bills to collect high assurance相关的主题文章: