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Baby growth and development manual, look at your baby up to the standard of it – Sohu maternal and child, my baby has not been how long height, is not normal ah?" "Baby 7 months will not climb, is not behind the ah?" "Baby 9 months will not call her mother, will not have a problem ah?" Moms should ask this question more or less. As a senior mother, the mother was very understanding of the mood of the people, children and women look into the Phoenix, is other people’s children than on anxiety and worry, fear of children lose at the starting line. But in fact, each child is an independent individual, their development and the development of different speeds, so I can tell you that there is no comparability between baby! Because of this, it is not realistic to point out exactly what time a child can learn a new skill. In order to make a more comprehensive understanding of the development situation of the baby, the mother specially for everyone to see the relevant content of the growth curve of WHO released by children and "Sears" in the Encyclopedia of attachment parenting, under normal circumstances, different month old baby height, weight, language and action development as shown below, welcome. 1~3 months of age – – – – – – 4~6 months 7~9 months 10~12 months of age – – – – – – the clinical data after many years of accumulation, "the American Academy of Pediatrics" parenting Encyclopedia for parents clearly set out the specific circumstances of retardation for reference. In order to remove the doubts of mom and Dad, we will display the relevant information in accordance with the age of the month, so as to facilitate the comparison. If your baby has the following conditions, may mean retardation, be sure to first consult a pediatrician. 1~3 month to hear the sound of no response. 2~3 months old eyes still do not follow the moving objects. 3 months is still not grasping things. 3 months when the head still can not stand up. 3~4 months is still not a babbling voice. 4~7 4 months when his feet will not kick in the hard plane. 4~5 months still have tonic neck reflexes ("fencing posture"). Look very stiff and tense. Looks very lazy, like a doll. Holding his head when the body sit still backward. To shed tears for a long period of time, to secrete liquid or to be sensitive to light. 4 months is still not turned away to look for sound source. Still no turning over 5~7 months (either from supine or prone to from supine to prone). 6 months is still not up with the help of an adult. 7 months will not be used to track the object between the eyes of 30~180 cm. 8~12 8 months and still no babbling. 8 months is still not interested in a game of hide and seek. Not climb. .相关的主题文章: