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Baby "day", is actually the most guilty maternal baby bottle / Sohu "day", is actually the most guilty dolphin treasure began long teeth bottles, small teeth in the eyes of the South accounted for more and more, along with out baby, see also don’t baby teeth properly, "maternal effect". Also say, the doctor is so sinister eye drops, "ah, the baby’s eyes really good-looking, but no longer good teeth……" "I go to heaven badly, to remind adults?" Well? Remind adults? Should not go to the hospital to correct it? This day, also true and pseudo true to heaven, is inherited, development, to change the bone MEIZHE only 18-20 years after orthognathic treatment. Xiao Nan said, it is false to heaven, although the reason is complicated, but improper feeding used out nine out of ten. Hey, you’re guilty of a bottle? A little when it comes to improper feeding, bottle is sold back to hide the adorable quietly…… Can not hide it? Xiao Nan just couldn’t bear to ask the day a little girl Ma said the child is formula fed, so much has been the night milk habit, often in bed to sleep with a bottle. "As long as there is milk drink sleep, the bottles are changed several, sometimes water bottle, no bottle pacifier must always be with me." Xiao Nan politely reminded that, "love milk is a good thing, but the little girl face does not seem too good ah, chin is very prominent, the maxillary teeth wrapped in maxillary teeth outside……" "Do you have? Hey, what you say is true, how to do?" Drink milk a day, it can be said that many see in formula fed babies. The most common reason, should be so small or milk feeding position error. The main reason is caused by long-term mandibular nerve, you think, this baby bottle mouth is so small, and honest, who knows can also change the bottle crying not feeding it, thought hard, no next meal! No way, day out Henjin milk, jaw forward can not be reached, only to eat. It’s really not easy to survive when you are young! This daily practice, mandibular lordosis is also a matter, such as a tooth, tooth and sister. What, mom check the milk hole are normal, then check in the feeding position! On the one hand, the usual nursing is not sitting or holding half a drink to drink, the bottle and the horizontal angle of not more than 45 degrees (half lying), and face to maintain a 90 degree. Don’t be saving, see the baby lying down, just a bottle mouth plug can also do this, but the typical saving themselves, harm the baby. "Why are you lying down?" Dad asked Xin estimated that the goods, usually such feed, now guilty as soon as possible to fill the knowledge, to find the remedy. Because the baby milk bottle lying, will stand up, milk directly flowing from the nipple, the baby will subconsciously put the tongue stretch forward, it is a tragic story in the course of time. It’s been a long time, and I’m not used to it相关的主题文章: