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Baby autumn foods indispensable food! Sohu – Baby radish and mutton soup whether adults or children, must eat more soup in the autumn water, prevent dryness, throat lungs all cannot do without the Tangtangshuishui for example, white radish soup, white radish soup is suitable for not only because it will taste the soup into soup Zengxian not less, more sulfur glycoside because of its efficacy in the diet of white radish to diet rich in potassium and vitamin C as cruciferous most characteristic also has anti-cancer effect of mustard oil, starch and crude fiber enzyme can promote digestion without any seasoning ingredients will feel the most natural flavor, enhance appetite accelerate gastrointestinal peristalsis and nutritional value the role of cough and phlegm white radish so much baby autumn diet how You can do it a little baby to eat white radish must have a soft rotten stew stewed for a while, will become a very good chew this radish mutton soup, mutton smell of oil radish can remove the adsorption of lamb, for the whole family to enjoy the shopping list Oh formula: 180g, 185g, white radish mutton onions, ginger, garlic (for the whole family’s weight) without seasoning: (after the age of the baby, according to taste, add a little seasoning salt) cooked: boiled reference month: more than 10 months (10-18 months baby if you chew mutton, it can be labeled as mud) the degree of difficulty: no difficulty for the ingredients that are not allergic to the baby. * * * 1 prepare ingredients: white radish 180g, lamb 185g. PS: the amount of these ingredients are more suitable for the whole family to eat together. 2 white radish peeled, cut paragraph son. PS: if the white radish is straight, in most cases, white radish is fresh, on the contrary, if the white radish roots of out of order, the bifurcation, then there may be parts of white radish. 3 cut the radish into the hob block. PS: a hob size, according to the age of babies to match, I like the size suitable for children over 2 years. A young baby needs to cut down. 4 the lamb will be repeatedly washed several times to remove blood, then cut into 1 cm pieces. PS: lamb meat, meat, fat shoulder meat, lamb chops are suitable for a stew, but belly meat, lamb is oily, do give the baby to eat it, you can choose shoulder meat, meat tender and not greasy. 5 cold water pot boiled mutton. On the way to float on the water floating skim off. 6 to be able to change the smell of mutton out of standby. 7 to prepare a little onion ginger garlic. PS: onion, ginger and garlic are acceptable to the baby in the soup seasoning, it can go to the soup seasoning, meat fishy, but should pay attention to cut large point, this soup is good, very easy to catch up. 8 white radish, mutton, onion ginger garlic into the pressure cooker. 9 tim.相关的主题文章: