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Arts-and-Entertainment The average number of trines in a birth chart is one, which signifies harmony; however, in some cases there are two or more present in one birth chart. Trines symbolize synchrony in every aspect of one’s life; in personality, relationship, and career. The number of trines present greatly affects the character of a person. To be able to understand more about trines, few emphasis must be tackled, which are as follows: Description Trines are lines where planets and other points form a special angle. These are angles that connect the zodiacs of the same element such as the earth, water, fire, and air. When two same elements joined together, the end-product would result to a perfect synchronization of life. Presence of trines Normally, the average trines present in a birth chart is only one. This is .posed of three planets, which form an angle that are equally related to each other. This is the reason why it is called trine; the number three is a symbol that signifies synchrony. The angle formed is about 120 degrees, which means balance and coordination. In rare cases where there are more trines present, this would result to a weak personality. Below are some concrete examples where three means harmony such as: * Argument between two persons where one intercede to reconcile both parties * Presence of proton, electron, and neutron to hold atoms together Significance When trines are present in your natal chart, this means that your life is in order and that all aspects are cooperative and beneficial. Trines in your birth charts are considered blessings and flowing opportunities. You are easy to deal with because you hate conflict. This symbolizes the drive to do things, which is consistent and lasting. However with too many trines present, this will make a person too lax. Because of the satisfaction you experience, a tendency to be.e contented with what you already have is evident. You will no longer entertain changes since you feel that there is no need for you to. You take life as it is, without showing any effort to improve. This will be a disadvantage since it will do no good except, keep you stagnant. You will never achieve anything in life because you do not exert effort in reaching your goals. In other words, you have a strong inclination to be.e lazy especially in the absence of a stimulating factor. No single motivation can give you a push to do things. Your ambitions in life may not be achievable because of lack of initiative. The number of trines found in your birth chart can bring about different effects in your life. It has both advantages and disadvantages just like any other ordinary things. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: