Australian blogger with a lazy sexy, really beautiful-pork face

Australian blogger with lazy sexy is really very beautiful this paper comes from the public media, Camelia Camellia WeChat public number: hicamelia today is the protagonist of one from Australia with sunshine and lazy temperament of bloggers, she is the guest editor of the Australian Edition of Vogue magazine, has rich experience in fashion. Features exquisite symmetry, very beautiful. South Beauty was born with a beautiful and straightforward, and this style of dress is very similar to Carmen Hamilton. Whether she’s sexy in her minimalist dress or lazy in her elegance, you can’t help but exclaim, "you can wear it."! "Her beautiful figure out in the minimalist style of dress sexy taste, moreish really look after. You light a shirt with a woman you clear the mature appearance with the neutral wind dress looks very charm so grey suit and black British shoes collocation, lob head and so blurred yet fresh dress in the eyes and full of hot sexy means so little black sling with her sexy elegant, a coat yet comfortable rate so thick the weekend leisure atmosphere, into a corner of the shirt shorts reflects the casual personality we love her the sun like, enjoy, very casual so flat belly show good figure we saw that she was wearing a love with the chest line suit, there is a woman’s sense of maturity, the more attractive you such a sexy Carmen Hamilton is characterized by the unique cut dress suit hundred-percent size control love hundred-percent The minimalist lovers come to wear high necked sweater is not lost Feel do not think that Carmen Hamilton only when the suit is very sexy, but she wear in the elegant lazy van overwhelmed with admiration for the same people. We get up French head and a strong sense of design skirt collocation, exudes a kind of higher order we want lazy in grace through with the fan, how little you ordered the black head lob decent suit and chaos in the silk, has a small element a French woman incense refined and elegant we want to clear how little we comfort oversize perfect moment, we love this smart up elegant in sexy, with the lazy print dress with excellent texture, live taste, does not wrap you no matter what kind of sexy dress, how can you want less cold fan so a red wine glasses, plus the hook people’s eyes, see people get drunk drunk so suit style dress, sexy, elegant, with all have both sexy or neutral, both elegant or lazy, for their own is the best ever . Carmen Hamilton tells us, with her minimalist dress, that fashion doesn’t have to be posturing. So long as is own Chic, even if is the simple black and white match, also can wear the different fashionable sense.

澳洲博主 略带慵懒的性感真的很美本文来源自媒体公众号Camelia山茶花 微信公众号:hicamelia今天的主角是一位来自澳洲的自带阳光与慵懒气质的博主,她是澳洲版 Vogue 杂志的做客主编,在时尚界有着丰富的经验。五官精致匀称,十分耐看。南半球的美人天生就有一种明媚与率性,这与 Carmen Hamilton 的穿衣风格极其相似。她那无论是在极简穿搭中露出的性感,还是在优雅中穿出的慵懒,都会让你忍不住大声惊呼「还可以这么穿!」身材姣好的她在极简风的装扮中穿出的性感味道,看后真的让人欲罢不能。▼轻开的衬衫云淡风轻的露出一丝女人味▼成熟的模样配上中性风的着装看起来很有韵味▼灰色的套装和黑色英伦鞋搭配,清新的装扮中不失稳重▼迷离的眼神和大热的 lob 头充满了性感的意味▼黑色小吊带揉合着她的性感优雅,外搭的外套又不失惬意率性▼浓得化不开的周末休闲气息,衬衫的一角塞进短裤体现了随意的个性▼最喜欢看她晒太阳的样子,很享受,很随性▼平坦的小腹秀出好身材▼发现她很喜欢穿可以隐约透出胸线的西装,有一种大女人的成熟感,这样的性感更加迷人▼Carmen Hamilton 的最爱就是具有独特剪裁的服饰▼不折不扣的西装控,不折不扣的极简主义爱好者▼穿高领毛衣也一样不输 Feel不要以为 Carmen Hamilton 只是在穿西服的时候很性感,其实她在优雅中穿出的慵懒范儿同样让人拍案叫绝。▼法式起床头与设计感极强的半裙搭配,散发着一种高阶的慵懒▼想要在优雅中穿出随性范儿,怎能少了得体的套装和乱中有序的 lob 头▼黑色的丝巾,有着一丝法国女人的精致和优雅▼想要潇洒舒适怎能少了 oversize▼完美的小香元素的应用,一瞬间灵动了起来▼大爱这种优雅中的性感,随性中的慵懒▼质感极佳的长裙,裹得住品位,裹不住性感▼不管什么样的穿搭,想要高冷范儿怎么能少了墨镜▼一身的酒红色,加上那勾人的眼神,看得人醉醉的▼西服样式的长裙,性感、优雅、随性全都有了无论性感还是中性,无论优雅还是慵懒,适合自己的永远都是最好的。Carmen Hamilton 用她那极简的穿衣风范告诉我们,时尚不必故作姿态。只要是自己的 Chic,就算是简单的黑白配也能穿出不一样的时髦感。相关的主题文章: