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Are you still tangled 120 thousand is not high income 80 her net worth has billions of Sohu news October 25th, Hurun released the 2016 richest woman, 75 year old Beijing estate queen Chen Lihua first became the richest woman in Chinese wealth of 50 billion 500 million yuan. Start empty-handed and Chen Lihua’s "old age" the rich are different, the emergence of a group of 80 on the list of female billionaires, obtain their wealth is mostly dependent on fathers lay the "Jiangshan", a lot of life to have been sitting on the net worth hundreds of millions. Hu Run said: "this year, the richest woman on the two generation reached the highest calendar year." In the top 50 Chinese women in the list, there are 80 after the 80, these 8 people, there are 7 people as the saying goes, the rich generation of the two". Company confidential (ID:high3c) noticed a female billionaires on the list, she is quite little Lord and Wahaha zongfuli, new hope Liu Chang and other famous female successors status, but has been less well known: female Hurun rich list shows that 33 year old Xu Yangyang and his mother to the wealth of 21 billion 500 million yuan in the list eighth. (Xiamen Daily has reported to Xu Yangyang) (Xu Yangyang) this is not the first time that the title of the rich, and in 2015, she was the first woman to become a quiet woman in Fujian. So, who is Xu Yangyang? Eat pie you may know ", but the park founder Xu family and its leaves are poorly understood. Statistics show that Xu Yangyang is a well-known food company Dali food chairman Xu Shihui’s daughter. 2015, Dali food listed in Hongkong, Xu Shihui became the richest man in Fujian with 24 billion 100 million yuan float capitalization, his daughter Xu Yangyang became the richest woman in Fujian with 19 billion 300 million yuan market value of shares. (DALY Park factory Distribution pie) so make money? Read the Hui family’s performance report, the company confidential (ID:high3c) be sure to tell everyone, really make money: according to the company’s listing prospectus data, 2012 to 2014, Dali food revenues were 10 billion 800 million yuan, 12 billion 800 million yuan and 14 billion 900 million yuan, net profits are soaring, from 693 million yuan, 1 billion 191 million yuan rose to 2 billion 77 million yuan. 2015 annual report shows that last year, Daly food revenue 16 billion 900 million yuan, net profit increased to $2 billion 911 million. (Daly food listing information) at the beginning of the listing, as the founder of the group of Daly, the family owned 85% shares of the family of food after the IPO, that is, the stock of 11 billion 640 million, holding the absolute control of the right of the shares of the company, the company has been listed on the market. Xu Shihui, Chen Liling (Xu Shihui’s wife), Xu Yangyang holds the Xu Shihui family in 50%, 10% and 40% of the shares of Dali food. Xu Yangyang individual corresponds to the value of 19 billion 300 million, called the egg yolk princess should not be too. Daly’s food listing is different from several other well known female successors, and Mr Xu Yangyang is a less visible presence in public media. Reports about Xu Yangyang are rare, and she seems to have little access to the media. Company confidential (ID:high3c) access to the Daly food listed children相关的主题文章: