Are you blind Face recognition is difficult, we will have more or less dingxiangwuyuetian

Are you blind? In fact, we face difficulties there will be more or less from the Fried Eggs network   for decades, scientists have known face blindness. But recently, researchers in this field began to gradually establish a concept, is our face recognition ability is along a range of distribution, which means that even those not fully face blind people can also explain the face difficult problem from the angle of neurology. "Every psychologist now thinks that all cognitive abilities are distributed in a continuum," said Richard, a psychology lecturer at the City University of London, Cook. "Face recognition is no exception." This news is a good news for me. I don’t have a serious face blindness (they don’t even know the faces of family and friends), but now I’ve found a reason to explain my mild face blindness. When I start a new job, I look at the faces of my colleagues and try to remember who they are – usually I fail. I will chat with some people for a long time, they will greet my brother’s girlfriend, but I do not see this kind of person on the road to see. I have never dared to introduce myself, because I have seen many times. This fear of offending others is widespread in patients with face blindness. Cook says my face recognition sounds "like" mild facial blindness, and I’m not alone. The researchers concluded that extreme facial blindness is extremely rare, with only one out of every 10000 people, but now they believe that about 2% of the world’s population has varying degrees of face blindness. "I’m sure some people are really rude," Cook said. "But when a blind man can’t recognize you, it’s not rude. They really don’t recognize faces." Over the past 5 years, as the public has increased awareness of facial blindness, more patients are willing to step up to help researchers better understand the symptoms. We also see more and more of the "super recognizers", those who read the best of sails never forgets. This also helps experts to establish the concept that the face blindness is a range, rather than a simple two yuan problem. Face recognition is a complex skill, some people do not recognize the face, does not mean that their overall memory is very poor. The cause of blindness is uncertain. Patients with face blindness in the brain regions responsible for facial recognition seems out of Emmanuel, but also cerebral white matter fiber is also responsible for navigation. So face blindness and road sickness sometimes occur simultaneously. But these explanations are not certain. At present, the study has been limited to short-term improvement in the symptoms of face blindness. But if the problem is to be cured, Cook believes that it is necessary to intervene in the early stages of brain development. To help those who face blind face, a face recognition training app is not enough. (Xu Shu)相关的主题文章: