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Apple VR head wearing display device patent exposure –IT– people’s original title: the appearance of science fiction! Apple VR headset display device patent exposure according to foreign media reports, SONY, HTC, Microsoft, Google and Facebook have joined the AR war on the occasion, Apple was calm. But privately, apple is not idle, apple began from 2008 on the application of the 7 VR patents, and recently a VR patent exposure.     Apple wearing VR display device patent exposure (pictures from Tencent) exposure from the United States Patent and trademark office information, Apple has received a patent on the VR, this patent document describes a similar VR head mounted display device. It is a mobile phone can be put into the frame, and the mobile phone screen placed in front of the user device, there is optical components between the eyes and the screen for mobile phone users, mobile phone screen image receiver. The overall device will likely include a built-in headset, a device connector, a spectacle frame and custom lenses. Compared with the current VR glasses, Apple’s device has built-in headphones, a unique Lightning interface and customized lens. In addition, from the description of the patent documents can be found, Apple seems to be focused on the protection of the physical interface in the form of the head and the phone is more directly connected to the technology. Although this patent can finally come true yet to be implemented, but this shows that Apple has also been added to the VR in the war. In addition, apple CEO Tim, said in an interview with the newspaper, said the future of how the development of technology and the direction of development, where Apple has a certain plan for the. At the same time, Cook also made it clear: I believe that the reality is very interesting, is a core technology. So now, we have a lot of work behind the scenes." (Yi Xiao, commissioning editor Bi Lei)相关的主题文章: