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Apple PK Microsoft this time they have released what products – Sohu digital this week is October the last complete natural week, after a few days of "golden nine silver ten" is also on the past, this week’s mobile phone ring to science and technology circles are very lively. At home, there will be millet Note2, 360N4S snapdragon version, ZTE secret Max new machine appearance; in addition to apple and Microsoft, the two international giants in this week’s new release. Apple and Microsoft as tech giants, they have been every act and every move of users and industry attention, now they are in the same week held a press conference to release new products which will undoubtedly become the focus of science and technology circle, then Apple and Microsoft this conference will be published on which products between them and PK will touch what kind of spark? According to the time sequence we first talk about Microsoft, Beijing October 26th 23 Microsoft Windows 10 conference will be held in New York, it seems, in accordance with the practice of various exposure news, Microsoft should bring a variety of new products at the conference. The new Windows10 Windows system can be said to be the basis of Microsoft, the conference is called Windows 10 conference is more important to explain the importance of Windows 10. The news that the official version of RedStone 2 Windows 10 will debut at the conference, the new version of the Windows 10 system, Paint 3D OneClip will add other features, but also to the Windows 10 Mobile is more uniform, and perhaps UWP applications in the new plan. Surface Pro 5, Surface Book 2 tablet computer market in recent years is very powerful, but Surface has been a counter attack of the product, of course as productivity attribute is far greater than the tablet Surface entertainment properties. Surface Pro 4 has been a great success, Microsoft will also launch a new generation of Surface that is Surface Pro 5 to consolidate its position in this field. Surface Pro 4 in addition to Surface Pro, the new Surface Book basic has also been determined to be released at the conference. Last year, when the first generation of Surface Book debut won a wide range of users and industry attention, but also by the recognition of the market, Microsoft is bound to take advantage of the pursuit of the new Surface 2 Book. Surface Book 14nm Kaby Lake processor configuration, the new basic has not run, and support the only significant Surface Book may use mobile graphics on NV Pascal architecture, in addition, biometric technology, touch screen stylus will also upgrade. One machine Surface Studio previously reported that Microsoft has applied for a number of countries in the note.相关的主题文章: