Apple confirmed on September 7th held a press conference officially announced iphone7-remonstrate

Apple confirmed the September 7th press conference held yesterday officially announced the iPhone7 Apple Corp officially issued invitations, announced local time in the United States in September 7th 10 in the morning (Beijing time on September 8th at 1 a.m.) officially held a press conference, iPhone7 will undoubtedly be the main angle of the conference. In some of the details have been broke, iPhone7 improvement and not too many surprises, in the face of Samsung and HUAWEI has been launched in advance of high-end machines, iPhone7 is not optimistic about the outside world. > > iPhone7 will be released on September 7th officially announced the invitation before apple news already reported that Apple will release iPhone7, so in September 7th, when the official news came after, almost no one would have a feeling of surprise. This can also be seen, and now Apple’s key information on the product has been very difficult to have confidentiality. In this letter, Apple says "Seeyouonthe7th (7 day)", is a phrase with a double meaning that not only refers to September 7th, but also refers to iPhone7. IPhone7 imaginary map in accordance with the previous news, in September 7th after the release of iPhone7, Apple will start booking in September 9th. According to Apple’s practice, will be officially on sale on a Friday after the conference, September 16th and September 23rd are the first sales date possible. It broke the God EvanBlass the information disclosed in the iPhone7 series on sale date is September 16th. This also means that iPhone7 is likely to be released after a week soon opened for sale. Along with the iPhone7 together, is bound to have the latest version of iOS10 iOS, which is a special emphasis on Apple’s iOS upgrade, and a large-scale user experience. In addition, there is news that Apple will release a new Apple Watch, which is also the second generation of AppleWatch products, allegedly compared with the first generation, the appearance will not have much change, will only become thinner. > > read using two cameras to cancel the 16GB version is not only the conference time is not secret, more details about the iPhone7 also had from all the outflow channel, of course there is really false, some reliable some out of tune. IPhone7 imaginary map of all the news, basically can confirm the iPhone7 information including: there are still 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches two inches screen size, the 4.7 version still uses a single camera, and 5.5 inches version will be used by other manufacturers have started double camera technology widely used. Another big change is the apple this time on the iPhone to cancel the 3.5mm headset socket, connect the headset will be used before lightning charging and data transmission. Affected by this news, some headphone manufacturers have also launched a headset with lightning interface.相关的主题文章: